It All Started With a Little Majik

Jennifer Cwiklinski is a Veterinary Technician and Client Care Specialist in Brick, NJ.

With all the good work that they do to save abandoned animals, it’s no wonder I ended up at Brick Town Veterinary Hospital in Brick, NJ a few years ago. Majik, my female black and white cat, was found on the doorstep at Bricktown Vet right after my father-in law passed away. He was a magician, so we named her in honor of him.

Jen, Vet Tech at Laurelton Veterinary Hospital in Brick, NJStanley is my male Maine coon cat mix, weighing in at 20 pounds. He was a hit by car at six months old and was also dropped off at Bricktown Vet. No one wanted him, so I took him home. He thinks he is a small dog and absolutely adores me!

My furry family also includes Benjamin Buttons, a male golden retriever (and the best part of my heart), and Penelope, a female golden that I adopted from Golden Rush Kennels in NJ. No one wanted her either because she potentially had a heart condition, so I surprise, surprise – I took her home! There is nothing wrong with her now and her condition is no more.

Caring for animals isn’t just what I do – it’s who I am. All of my knowledge comes from hands-on experience since my schooling pretty much stopped after high school. I enrolled in the local community college with hopes of becoming a teacher. I only survived two semesters before realizing it was not for me. In 2010, I enrolled in the veterinary assistant program at the Stratford Career Institute. I have learned so much and continue to learn new things every day. I am currently still doing the online course (yes, 7 years later!)

I have now worked in the veterinary field on and off for almost 20 years, all thanks to the veterinarian we took my childhood pets to, Dr. Bodman. He suggested I come work for him when I was 21 years old and still trying to figure things out. Lacey Veterinary Hospital in Forked River, NJ was a great place to start my career and cultivate my love for animals, and the experience changed my life for good!

I have been a part of the VetCor family for about four years now. I worked at Bricktown Vet for about 6 years before they transitioned to a VetCor hospital, so I got to see the before and after. Now I have the pleasure of working at sister VetCor practice, Laurelton Veterinary Hospital, also in Brick, NJ.

It’s been interesting getting to see the changes that take place when a hospital first comes on board, and when a practice has been a part of VetCor for some time. Not only has the support improved the success of each hospital, but it’s also benefited me personally. Getting the chance to learn both the front and back end at two practices has really improved my skills and ability to think outside the box. And having such a great work-life balance allows me to spend time with my husband Rob and our two young sons, Landyn and Braedyn.

They say that magic is believing in yourself, and that you can make anything happen. I’m truly happy to be where I am today and I look forward to being able to learn and grow more with the support of the VetCor Family.