of joining

What's most important to you?

Whether it's ensuring stability for your team or maintaining continuity of care for your patients, we want you to feel like you've made the best possible decision for you, your family, your team, and your community. We are serious about partnership and we recognize you have a lot to offer. We are big on flexibility and we work with you to find the right selling structure that fits your business and personal needs to minimize risk and make the partnership a success.

Devote More Time to Delivering Quality Care

We know you wear a lot of hats. With Vetcor, you can focus on your passion and let us take away some of the operational burden.

The Best Back End Support

Gain freedom by focusing on the patient care and client relationships and leaving the operations to us. Rest easy and enjoy the comfort of knowing that we have you covered from IT to HR and everything in between.

Achieve Better Life Balance

Work-life balance is essential for overall well-being, and at Vetcor, we prioritize what's most important to you. Our commitment to flexibility and support ensures that you can achieve a better life balance.

Your Legacy Continues On

We know you are proud of what you have built. Rest assured your legacy will continue on as you continue to serve your team and community, and until you decide it's the right time for retirement.


Focus on your Passion

You Stay You

Choosing Vetcor means your practice will continue to be the heart of pet care in your community. Your branding stays intact as a staple to serving pets in your area.

Stay True to Yourself

Your clients and patients depend on the care your practice provides and we want to make sure that never changes. Our diverse range of veterinary practices all have their own medical style but share positive cultures and strong community connections that we promise to embrace and uphold.

Protect Your Team

Your team is like a family. Vetcor will help them thrive by providing a commitment to stability, outstanding perks, and professional growth opportunities. Whether it's through offering exceptional benefits, honoring their service, or giving them avenues to continue learning and growing, your team has a bright future with us.

Support when you need it!

We have you covered on all the backend business needs. Our best-in-class Service Center will support your team to help achieve business goals.

The Process

We understand that selling your practice is a big decision. We truly value the partners in our family, and we want to get to know you to ensure we are both making the right decision to establish our partnership.

Let's get to
know each other


Understand the

Valuation and
Term Sheet

We'll put it on

Due Diligence
and Contract

Let’s make it

Smooth and
Quick Closing

Why Sell?

Initial Proceeds
Take money off the table in return for your hard work growing a strong practice

Rollover/Seller Note
Make an investment in the Vetcor, maximizing your practice's value

Continue getting compensation for the time you spend practicing

Return on Rollover Investment
Take advantage of the growth of Vetcor and receive outsized returns on your investment

Our Strategic Plan

  • Continue to drive strong organic revenue growth, while also investing in resources to improve hospital profit margin over time
  • Acquire hospitals and build new hospitals every year
  • Invest in key resources to support organizational growth: business development, operations, IT, HR, marketing, and finance

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