Celebrating Spring at Our Hospitals

Celebrating Spring at Our Hospitals

April 12, 2024

Spring is here and our teams are feeling refreshed thanks to some team-building fun, client engagement ideas, and, of course, helping their clients feel better so they can enjoy the season too.

Pleasant Valley Animal HospitalPleasant Valley Animal Hospital - Quakertown, Pennsylvania
There are a lot of ways to bring a “spirit week” to life, but the team at Pleasant Valley Animal Hospital came up with a spring break theme for the week which involved a clash day and a wacky hair day. They invited any clients that had appointments during the week to dress according to the theme and each team member participated. Clients shared their resounding thanks for this fun-loving and compassionate team of caregivers.


Integrative Animal Hospital of Central FloridaIntegrative Animal Hospital of Central Florida - Sanford, Florida
Spending time with bearded dragons is the highlight of the day at Integrative Animal Hospital of Central Florida. This little guy is not only beautiful but he is also healthy. After getting a full check with lab work and fecal tests, the team could see he was doing well. Knowing that reptiles can be sneaky about showing signs of illness, the team educates their clients to make sure they stay ahead of the game and schedule wellness visits.


Grace Animal HospitalGrace Animal Hospital - Gastonia, North Carolina
In honor of April Fool’s Day this year, the team at Grace Animal Hospital shared this amazing photo of Dr. Morrissey and his clones. Back in the fall, the vet assistants dressed as Dr. Morrissy for Halloween, and it was spot on. Keeping things light around the hospital helps team morale and brings smiles to the clients’ faces as well—who wouldn’t laugh seeing this?


Bethany Centennial Animal HospitalBethany Centennial Animal Hospital - Ellicott City, Maryland
Using treats helps encourage pets to take their medicine. This is Bruno and Luna, a brother and sister team who couldn’t get enough of their snack. The Bethany Centennial Animal Hospital team uses food encouragement like this in exam rooms to keep cats content during their visits.


Appalachian Animal HospitalAnimal and Bird Medical Center - Palm Harbor, Florida
The team at Animal and Bird Medical Center has the pleasure of caring for Bolt the bald eagle. Recently he was in for a recheck after removing a pin in his leg. He is looked after by Tampa Bay Raptor Rescue and is unable to be released into the wild. He has a busy schedule being an ambassador bird for the rescue and enjoys being around humans to spread awareness. He also has attended military funerals.

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