VetLife Program

When our veterinarians participate in the VetLife program, they’re given the opportunity to ask questions, better navigate the transition from school to private practice, work with and learn from experienced veterinarians, and develop new skills along the way.

VetLife Program

Here are some ways we support our veterinarians:


VetLife on Slack Fosters Community

As a VetCor veterinarian, you can tune into our Slack channel for real-time interactions with colleagues across the country, including the sharing of cases, medical knowledge, and professional challenges. 

Support from Local Chief of Staff Advisors and Vet Leaders

These experienced veterinary professionals have been in the VetCor family for years and are excellent resources that can help facilitate mentorship opportunities with other local VetCor hospitals and provide unbiased support and guidance.

VetLife Days: Ongoing Educational Opportunities

Similar to externships, VetLife Days allow our team members to visit sister practices to learn new techniques, explore areas of interest, or even just experience how our teams do things differently. 

New Grad Onboarding Program

Our New Grad Onboarding Program, directed by Dr. Elizabeth Hodge, DACVIM, with help from the Chief of Staff and Chief of Staff Advisor, provides tailored support to meet the needs of our new grads. This program offers direct support, virtual topic rounds, CE opportunities, and peer support to help our veterinarians build a strong professional foundation in their first year of practice. 

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