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Dr. Valerie V, Vetcor Testimonial

"Vetcor has let us continue to practice medicine like we always have, but better. I have also been able to expand my leadership skills within Vetcor. I actually learned that I love teaching and supporting other veterinarians, especially new graduates. I love soft tissue surgery, so to be able to pass on that knowledge and skill set to new grads, giving them the confidence and skills they need to excel. It has been an amazing journey with Vetcor so far, and I am excited to continue being a part of this amazing group."

Dr. Valerie V, Veterinarian
St. Charles, IL

Sarah F, LVT, Vetcor Testimonial

"I've always been interested in training. I got my bachelor's in Educational Services—a degree that focuses on non traditional learning, adult education, and corporate training. It's a degree for people that are interested in education but don't want to be teachers. I went back to school to become a technician. I never thought that I could utilize my previous degree and my interest in training on a large scale until Vetcor acquired Goosepond. Vetcor has opened up that possibility for me and I am so happy to be involved with training. "

Sarah F, LVT
Monroe, NY

Heaven W, Vetcor Testimonial

"If someone would’ve told me three years ago that I would be in management at a vet hospital I never would’ve believed it. One of the most positive things that I have experienced is true support from my RM and co-manager. When the call came to take action, I never felt that I was left alone. The opportunity for career growth is available and absolutely encouraged. Vetcor has helped me see “me” more than I ever have. This has been the highest level of honest support that I have ever encountered. Every day isn't perfect, but there is no where else I’d rather be than with my Vetcor family. I feel like being in this position has definitely pushed me to do more and seek out personal growth and my hope is that I continue to grow within Vetcor."

Heaven W, Hospital Manager
Columbus Central, NJ

Nicole Goelz, Marketing Specialist, Vetcor Testimonial

"I had been the Hospital Manager of my hospital for three years before we joined Vetcor. During my time as Hospital Manager, I was able to also work at other Vetcor hospitals as an Interim Manager. This provided me with valuable insight into the culture and operations of other practices and the chance to connect with other team members in our company. An experience I will always be grateful for and will never forget.

I wanted to expand my career and connected with my Regional Manager. She offered me a project that introduced me to Marketing. The project evolved into a part-time position which then led to a full-time position. I have been able to utilize my years of experience as a Hospital Manager, my creativity, and my passion for the veterinary industry in my dream job as Senior Marketing Specialist. I could not have achieved this without the support of my Regional Manager, my Marketing Team coworkers, and the rest of the Service Center Team.

Another benefit of advancing in my career within Vetcor was that it opened up an opportunity for someone else in my hospital to also grow in their career. I’ve enjoyed watching them flourish and achieve their career goals as well. "

Nicole, Senior Marketing Specialist
Service Center

Eric D, Vetcor Testimonial

"I was a manager with Vetcor from 2013 to 2018. I left to pursue other options. I eventually found myself working as a Hospital Manager for another veterinary corporation. I soon discovered that the grass is not always greener on the other side and they could not meet the outstanding resources, guidance, tools, training, etc. that Vetcor offered me as an HM. I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to return to Vetcor in an HM role in December 2022.

From providing a wonderful Regional Manager who will take my call when I need her assistance, to the Skyworld Knowledge Center and now Vetcor University, I have all the support I need to successfully guide me in my role as HM. Monthly regional HM calls are wonderful and help keep us all up to date and current on Vetcor happenings, new procedures, etc. The Help Desk is also a wonderful tool for success. Every department has been great to work with and always kind. I truly appreciate all Vetcor offers me as an HM.

Vetcor also provides opportunities and tools to grow with the company. My goal is to become a RM and share my knowledge as an HM with other hospitals and team leaders within the Veterinary field. "

Eric D, Hospital Manager
Pittsburgh, PA

Makenzie C, Tech, Vetcor Testimonial

"I have worked for Stonebridge for almost 7 years and ever since Vetcor took over it has opened up so many wonderful opportunities! I love how much CE is available for the technicians for free to further our education. I would highly recommend anyone to work for a Vetcor clinic because of all the available resources they offer to their employees! These resources vary from continuing education to the importance of mental health and not burning out.

Stonebridge has been one of the best places I have worked at and has done nothing but help me pursue my goal of becoming an LVT. All of my coworkers have been very encouraging and supportive in my goals and so everything they can to help me achieve them. The doctors at the clinic are very welcoming and willing to teach me new skills without a question and I have learned so many new things here. The team here is very close and we are always doing fun things for team bonding. I will always recommend this clinic for anyone who wants to join the veterinary field! "

Makenzie C, Tech
Rockwall, TX

Heidi S., Hospital Manager, Vetcor Testimonial

"Being part of Vetcor has been amazing! As an HM for Vetcor I have found an abundance of support from our Regional Manager, Laura Mays. She has helped us transition smoothly and has encouraged a better life-work balance for our teams and for me personally. For the first time in my career, I feel like I have "permission" to take a day off. Not that I wasn't allowed to prior to Vetcor, but the guilt and worry I had about doing so and possibly leaving a clinic short-staffed was real. Healthy and realistic boundaries are encouraged, especially when it comes to more PTO and benefits for all staff that are better than a private practice can offer. I also love having an entire group of regional HM's to collaborate with for ideas, suggestions, and support. No one understands the pressure and role of an HM better than another HM!

In addition, I can assure you when Vetcor says they are "hands-off" they truly are. We have not been asked to change hours or schedules and our vets have not needed to change how they practice medicine. There has been no pressure to see more patients, add exam rooms, or increase production beyond what they can physically and mentally handle. I absolutely love Vetcor and wouldn't want to be working for any other veterinary corporate entity. "

Heidi S, Hospital Manager
Watkins, MN

Terina D, Vetcor Testimonial

"My hospital joined the Vetcor family in January of 2018. I had been with our practice for 10 years and was apprehensive about the acquisition. I am now one of Vetcor's biggest cheerleaders! Vetcor gave us the ability to maintain our own culture and identity so the transition went unnoticed by our clients. We were able to make several practice improvements and we are now in the process of expanding our hospital. These improvements along with better employee benefits and opportunities for growth has caused a significant boost in staff morale.

As a Hospital Manager, I appreciate having the support of my Regional Manager, the home office, and the ability to network with others in my role. I feel like I have grown more as a hospital manager with Vetcor. With opportunities to assist in software conversions, hospital acquisitions, and filling in as interim manager to local sister hospitals, I have been able to share my knowledge and learn new things at the same time. I highly recommend joining the Vetcor team!"

Terina D, Hospital Manager
Poland, ME

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