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"From the beginning, we knew we wanted to keep our unique identity that we worked hard to establish and continue with the operating style we were used to. That is exactly what VetCor delivered through our partnership. We were able to retain our local leadership roles and provide a safe and secure future for our loyal teams. The transition with VetCor has been seamless and we couldn't be happier with our choice!"

Dr. Aron Bhan & Dr. Nicole Denouden
Ontario, Canada

Dr. Valerie Vogel, Vetcor Testimonial

"Vetcor has let us continue to practice medicine like we always have, but better. Slack allows us to reach out to other Vetcor doctors for second opinions on cases or to share interesting cases we may not otherwise have come across. There are also programs including VetLife Days and Lend-a-Hand that allow you to spend time at other clinics. I have met some wonderful colleagues this way and have also been able to expand my leadership skills within Vetcor. I actually learned that I love teaching and supporting other veterinarians, especially new graduates. I love soft tissue surgery, so to be able to pass on that knowledge and skill set to new grads, giving them the confidence and skills they need to excel, has been very rewarding. It has been an amazing journey with Vetcor so far and I am excited to continue to be part of this amazing group."

Dr. Valerie Vogel
St. Charles, IL

Dr. Lauren Rumpke, DVM, Vetcor Testimonial

"As a mother of 3 kids, 4 if you count my clinic, I can't help but draw a comparison between my experience with Vetcor and the feeling of discovering the best child care provider imaginable! It’s scary at first—after all this is your baby and you want what’s best for it! You hope they are as good as they say they are. Even though you’ve done all the research and have had countless recommendations, you still don’t believe it until time passes. After one year with Vetcor watching over my 4th baby (Town and Country Veterinary Clinic), they are everything they said they would be and more. They do all the hard stuff and I just get to enjoy quality time with my clinic again! Not to mention the extra time with my real kids and family, which has been the best part!

Some of our achievements since joining Vetcor include fully training our new hospital manager, who has taken a significant burden off my shoulders, hiring a new vet, and streamlining our ordering and inventory on hand. Our employees are thrilled with their new benefits package. Vetcor has exceeded my expectations by purchasing new equipment for us and we are so excited about a future renovation!! "

Dr. Lauren Rumpke
Eaton, OH

Dr. Eric Shaver, Vetcor Testimonial

"After researching three prospective buyers, we chose Vetcor because they allowed us to continue to support our very tight community through maintaining our practice culture, preserving our involvement in youth agriculture/vetmed, and providing continuing education opportunities for clients and staff. Remaining autonomous and embedded in the community is important to us."

Dr. Eric Shaver
Berlin, OH

David Sinclar, DVM, Vetcor Testimonial

"I want to express my satisfaction with the sale of my veterinary practice to People, Pets & Vets (PPV), which has now joined Team Vetcor. As a not-so-motivated seller, it took a convincing offer and a lot of trust in the acquisitions and executive team for me to decide it was time to sell.

One of my primary concerns was finding a partner who would respect the legacy of our practice, without rebranding or altering our established culture. Thankfully, PPV turned out to be the perfect fit. They have been incredibly transparent and have honored every commitment they made during the acquisition process. It has been three years since we sold our practice, and I have recently started telling clients about the change in ownership. I am pleased to share that not a single client has mentioned noticing any significant difference. This is a testament to the seamless transition facilitated by their dedication to maintaining the practice's reputation and quality of care. Moreover, I am thrilled to share that as PPV merged with Vetcor and the commitment displayed by Vetcor's leadership remains unwavering. The support and guidance provided by the merged entity have further solidified my trust in their ability to continue the legacy we built.

Overall, I can confidently say that I chose the right partner. Their integrity, reliability, and respect for our practice's identity have made them an exceptional partner. I wholeheartedly recommend Vetcor to any veterinarian looking for a trustworthy partner to take their practice forward while preserving their values."

Dr. David Cinclair
Plano, TX

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