VetLife Update

VetLife Update

February 28, 2024

VetLife is our first collaboration circle and it has built an impressive list of programs and communications that support our veterinarians no matter where they are in their careers. The last time we checked in, VetLife was just a few months into the Veterinary Mentorship Certification Program. Since then, 42 veterinarians have completed this program which culminated in a graduation ceremony at VMX. This program was such a success that the 2024 mentor certification planning has already begun, with plans to graduate another class this year. Emerging Leaders, a leadership development program, was also launched in January.

VetLife has a dedicated Slack channel that is always there to facilitate collaboration between our veterinarians. Active topics include the “Case of the Week”, “Exotics”, and “Medical Case Support”. Each month, VetLife publishes a newsletter pulling together the latest cases from Slack, as well as details on upcoming CE events, Chief of Staff Advisor introductions, and a peek into what our network of veterinarians is doing out in their communities. 

VetLife Days offers the chance for our veterinarians to learn a new skill, observe a different workflow, and be inspired at another Vetcor hospital. Read some of our team members’ first-hand experiences in our VetLife Days blog post.

The VetLife New Grad Onboarding Program has 115 new grads—a mix of new grads who joined Vetcor in 2023 and a few who started early in 2024. New grads have access to resources, including a review of how to get the most out of mentorship in their practices, monthly topic rounds on everything from finances to common emergencies in general practice, and extra perks like in-person dental wetlabs. We have a team-based approach that is tailored to each person’s individual goals. For example, if a new grad is looking for mentorship in areas not offered by their mentor in their hospital, VetLife leverages our network of veterinarians to connect them with an additional mentor for support in that area. As a part of VetLife, Elizabeth Hodge, DVM, DACVIM is the go-to person for all of our new grads. She works hand-in-hand with our Chief of Staff Advisors who are regional experts. VetLife supports our hospitals with new grads by providing resources to help guide the onboarding process and twice monthly mentorship-focused calls.  

VetLife has identified that lifelong learning and connecting with other veterinarians are important pieces of a veterinarian’s career and they strive to provide programs and channels to make that happen. If you are a Vetcor veterinarian, reach out to your Chief of Staff or Chief of Staff Advisor for more information on VetLife.