TechLife by the Numbers

TechLife by the Numbers

March 28, 2024

TechLife continues to grow as one of our collaboration circles, creating events, offering tuition support, and giving advice to our hospital teams. There is a core group that drives the planning, organization, and execution of initiatives for TechLife, but another key factor to its success is the ability to share information peer-to-peer through the Facebook Group. Read on to catch up with all things TechLife.


TechLife hosted 25 webinars last year, eight of which were the ever-popular VTNE Trivia Nights. The trivia nights are offered for both the East and West Coast to make sure everyone who wants to attend is able to.  In-person events are also well attended. One of the latest events was a dental training led by Dr. Salber, Chief of Staff Advisor, from Ashburn Veterinary Hospital, Virginia. It is a perfect example of how TechLife pulls from the vast experience of those in our network to deliver the training that our hospital teams are looking for.

Tuition Support

Nearly 200 technicians received tuition support funds in 2023. Elise Contreras, technician at Washington Boulevard Animal Hospital, California received the tuition reimbursement which she will put towards her VTNE and other school-related expenses like parking passes, books, field trips, and other school supplies. Elise shared, “I would highly suggest others take advantage of this benefit! We deserve the help as hardworking employees and students. Plus, anything helps when it comes to school expenses!”

Online Community

The TechLife Facebook group gained 500 new members in 2023. It is no wonder why more team members are seeing the value in this forum. Linking hospitals and techs together to learn new tools, such as hands-free radiology and getting help with navigating difficult conversations with clients are just a few of the many topics that are discussed in the group. Beyond the collaboration and information sharing, all of the events are promoted here so no one misses the chance to join an amazing trivia night.

With more in-person and virtual events on the horizon, as well as an active Facebook group, TechLife is on course to again meet the growing needs of our network this year.