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  • Jim Again, Vice President Facilities

    Jim Agan

    Vice President Facilities

  • Kelly Alabek, Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

    Kelly Alabek

    Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

  • Peter Anderson, IT Support

    Peter Anderson

    IT Support

  • Stephanie Barbieri, Paralegal

    Stephanie Barbieri

    Senior Paralegal

  • Tammy Barrett, Corporate Controller

    Tammy Barrett

    Corporate Controller

  • Heather Bern, Chief Marketing Officer

    Heather Bern

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Sandy Birdsall, IT Support

    Sandy Birdsall

    IT Support

  • Victoria Brown, Vice President Practice Support

    Victoria Brown

    Vice President Practice Support

  • Diana Byrne, Chief Recruiting Officer

    Diana Byrne

    Chief Recruiting Officer

  • Matt Campbell, Regional Manager

    Matt Campbell

    Regional Manager

  • Kaitlin Carey, Marketing Project Coordinator

    Kaitlin Carey

    Marketing Project Coordinator

  • Kelli Connors, Payroll Associate

    Kelli Connors

    Payroll Associate

  • Jill Craig, Human Resources Generalist

    Jill Craig

    Human Resources Generalist

  • Taylor Crispin, Director of Central Support

    Taylor Crispin

    Director of Central Support

  • Pam Cronin, Senior AP Specialist

    Pam Cronin

    Senior AP Specialist

  • Kendall DeAngelo, Director of FP&A

    Kendall DeAngelo

    Director of FP&A

  • Peter DeFeo, Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer

    Peter DeFeo

    Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer

  • Alex Distasi, Accounting Manager

    Alex Distasi

    Accounting Manager

  • Jennifer Driscoll, Central Support Supervisor

    Jennifer Driscoll

    Central Support Supervisor

  • Mark Fitzpatrick

    Mark Fitzpatrick

    HRIS Manager

  • Dave Foley

    Dave Foley

    VP of Business Development & Deputy General Counsel

  • Nicole Frank, Regional Manager

    Nicole Frank

    Regional Manager

  • Tina Fye

    Tina Fye

    Regional Manager

  • Nicole Goelz, Senior Marketing Specialist

    Nicole Goelz

    Senior Marketing Specialist

  • Elizabeth Hall

    Elizabeth Hall

    Regional Manager

  • Amber Hansen, Vice President Procurement

    Amber Hansen

    Vice President Procurement

  • Colleen Harding

    Colleen Harding

    Staff Accountant

  • Dr. Chad Harris, Vice President Veterinary Leadership

    Dr. Chad Harris

    Vice President Veterinary Leadership

  • Michele Hilton, Executive Vice President of Finance

    Michele Hilton

    Executive Vice President of Finance

  • Dr. Elizabeth Hodge, New Grad Program Manager

    Dr. Elizabeth Hodge

    New Grad Program Manager

  • Dr. Brian Holub

    Dr. Brian Holub

    Chief Medical Officer

  • Kristyn Hubbard

    Kristyn Hubbard

    Central Support Coordinator

  • David Khafaji, IT Support

    David Khafaji

    IT Support

  • Mike Koehler

    Mike Koehler

    Chief People Officer

  • Alannah Labesky

    Alannah Labesky

    Regional Manager

  • Dallas LaRose, Chief Operating Officer

    Dallas LaRose

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Karen Laurinas

    Karen Laurinas

    Senior Regional Manager

  • Cassie Linley, Senior Regional Manager

    Cassie Linley

    Senior Regional Manager

  • Elizabeth Lohnes, Content Marketing Manager

    Elizabeth Lohnes

    Content Marketing Manager

  • Jay Mahon

    Jay Mahon

    Regional Manager

  • Luis Maldonado

    Luis Maldonado

    IT Support

  • Dawn McGrath, Marketing Director

    Dawn McGrath

    Marketing Director

  • Dr. Sara Mey, Vice President Veterinary Leadership

    Dr. Sara Mey

    Vice President Veterinary Leadership

  • Amy Miller

    Amy Miller

    Senior Regional Manager

  • Hayden Milligan, Vice President of Human Resources

    Hayden Milligan

    Vice President of Human Resources

  • Deanna Morton, Tax Manager

    Deanna Morton

    Tax Manager

  • Kelly Norton

    Kelly Norton

    Staff Accountant

  • Jennifer Orner, Senior Hospital Manager

    Jennifer Orner

    Senior Hospital Manager

  • Genevieve Payne, Senior Human Resources Generalist

    Genevieve Payne

    Senior Human Resources Generalist

  • Ethan Peterson, Senior Financial Analyst

    Ethan Peterson

    Senior Financial Analyst

  • John Prindiville

    John Prindiville

    Senior Corporate Counsel

  • Christine Rachwal, Regional Manager

    Christine Rachwal

    Regional Manager

  • Stephanie Ragsdale, Senior Vice President of Strategic Practice Initiatives

    Stephanie Ragsdale

    Senior Vice President of Strategic Practice Initiatives

  • Dr. Jerry Ramsdell, Senior Vice President Veterinary Leadership

    Dr. Jerry Ramsdell

    Senior Vice President Veterinary Leadership

  • Steven Ramsdell, Manager of Analytics

    Steven Ramsdell

    Manager of Analytics

  • Peter Raymond

    Peter Raymond

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Andy Riddick

    Andy Riddick

    Regional Manager

  • Vanesa Rivera

    Vanesa Rivera

    Procurement Coordinator

  • Erin Rojas

    Erin Rojas

    Human Resources Director

  • Martine Salamone, AP Supervisor

    Martine Salamone

    AP Supervisor

  • Carol Seiler

    Carol Seiler

    Recruiting Admin Support

  • Jessica Shelley

    Jessica Shelley

    Facility Projects Coordinator

  • Dr. Michelle Shoemaker, Chief Veterinary Officer - West

    Dr. Michelle Shoemaker

    Chief Veterinary Officer - West

  • Dr. Aaron Smiley

    Dr. Aaron Smiley

    Chief of Staff Advisor

  • Lucy Smith, Senior Hospital Manager

    Lucy Smith

    Senior Hospital Manager

  • Sean Sornsin, Senior Vice President of Operations

    Sean Sornsin

    Senior Vice President of Operations

  • Beth Stamp, Licenses and Permits Supervisor

    Beth Stamp

    Licenses and Permits Supervisor

  • Chris Strong, Chief Executive Officer

    Chris Strong

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Shannon Sullivan, Corporate Marketing Manager

    Shannon Sullivan

    Corporate Marketing Manager

  • Kelly Vail, Senior Hospital Manager

    Kelly Vail

    Senior Hospital Manager

  • Jennifer Weitzel

    Jennifer Weitzel

    Regional Manager

  • Ed Zamora, Human Resources Manager

    Ed Zamora

    Human Resources Manager

  • Dr. Gretchen Zarle

    Dr. Gretchen Zarle

    Chief of Staff Advisor

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