We Can't Get Close Enough

We Can't Get Close Enough

February 13, 2024

Some patients have “snuggle me” written all over them like a conversation heart. Our team members feel lucky to have so many huggable furry friends come through their doors every day. Take a look at some of our buddies from our hospitals across the country.

Village Veterinary HospitalVillage Veterinary Hospital - Johnson, Iowa
Luna definitely takes the spotlight in this photo. She was an absolute sweet heart for the team at Village Veterinary Hospital. Behind that sign is Brittany, a veterinary technician, who has been on the team for over four years. She holds these sweet new patients up behind their sign as part of the big official welcome the team provides. Brittany just added another patient of her own to the Village family, Bane the Rottweiler, who will soon be too big to hold up behind a sign.


Trussville Main Street Animal ClinicTrussville Main Street Animal Clinic - Birmingham, Alabama
There had to be two photos to capture all of the Australian Shepherds Dr. Hamilton saw on this day. She found out three at a time is the snuggle limit on these lovable dogs. Dr. Hamilton was in love with these Aussies and so were the rest of the team at Trussville Main Street Animal Clinic.


Northwood Oaks Veterinary HospitalNorthwood Oaks Veterinary Hospital - Gainesville, Florida
Ms. Coco made a connection with fellow redhead Norma, lead veterinary technician at Northwood Oaks Veterinary Hospital. Coco visits twice a year and the team enjoys her company as well as her stylish locks. We are so glad they caught this cute moment and shared it.


Boston Cat HospitalBoston Cat Hospital - Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
Winnie takes her clinic cat job to heart—here she is working with Jordan, the team’s newest veterinary assistant, and Julia the Hospital Manager. Winnie is a newly minted clinic cat who was a very young mother. She was rescued from Maine riddled with fleas and very malnourished, and luckily her kittens have all been adopted and she is living a second life at Boston Cat Hospital. She keeps the vibe light in the hospital with her lively chatter and prefers to be picked up and held.


Pet Shield Veterinary Hospital Pet Shield Veterinary Hospital - North Branford, Connecticut
These two kittens look like something out of a children’s movie, complete cuteness overload. We are all jealous of Madison, a veterinary technician, and the whole team at Pet Shield Veterinary Hospital that had the pleasure of meeting, and snuggling, Samosa and Jalibi’s in person.


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