Connected Through Our Network, Driven by a Mission

Connected Through Our Network, Driven by a Mission
Strays like this dog were taken care of by an amazing group of volunteers.
July 18, 2022

It is a given that our network of outstanding veterinary professionals will make us stop in awe of their dedication to animals on any given day. A recent spay and neuter clinic brought together six team members from two practices, as well as three other volunteers, to provide spay and neuter services on the island of Grand Turk. This group effort exemplifies some of the amazing benefits of being part of the VetCor network: working alongside team members that share the same passion and values and being able to connect with others outside of your own practice.

In just five days, these dedicated individuals treated over 300 dogs and cats (and one turtle!). It all started when Dr. Burkhart, DVM, COS Animal Medical Center of Ontario, visited the island back in 2020 and saw the need to address the immense number of stray animals. In partnership with the TCSPCA, and her nonprofit 4 Leaf Rover, Dr. Burkhart, went back to the island this past spring with volunteers: Dr. Harris, VP Veterinary Leadership at VetCor, Dr. Heppner, DVM, COS at North Austin Animal Hospital, Chandler and John from Animal Medical Center of Ontario, and Jennifer from the VetCor Operations team. They made lifelong memories together while providing essential care to stray animals.

Dr. Harris educates children

Dr. Harris took the time to educate some kids while there, they were genuinely intrigued as to why this group was so passionate about animal care.

Dr. Heppner searches for patients

Sadly, the local dump is home to many dogs. Dr. Heppner was looking for patients here with the help of some friend.

Dr. Burkhart finds pup in street

Dr. Burkhart found a pup while on the street. She noticed he wasn’t putting weight on one of his legs and examined him on the spot.

We are proud to say these individuals are a part of our team and we can’t wait to see the impact they will, no doubt, continue to make on the welfare of animals all around the world. If you would like more information on 4 Leaf Rover, check out They plan on continuing their mission to host spay and neuter clinics and provide basic supplies to forgotten animals.