Week 15: Showing Up for Our Communities

Week 15: Showing Up for Our Communities
June 25, 2020

We love reflecting on the unique personalities of all of our practices. Last week, we enjoyed seeing some large animal love (shout out to Good Friday the alpaca) and the hydration station that Caroline Animal Hospital set up for their clients. 

Check out the ways our teams are showing off their individual styles this week:

West Allis Animal Hospital medication pickupWest Allis Animal Hospital - West Allis, Wisconsin
The West Allis Animal Hospital team recently kicked off their concierge check in and medication pick up service and, if we’re making guesses based on client responses, it’s safe to say it’s been a hit. They’re excited to finally have some face-to-face interactions with their clients instead of calling them up when their curbside service appointment is ready to start. Rachel, one of the masked heroes of the WAAH team, manages the check in process, monitors wait times, and provides patients with water and treats.


Spartanburg Animal Clinic - Clarice, the veterinary's office cat Spartanburg Animal Clinic - Spartanburg, South Carolina
Even clinic cats need a little motivation now and then, including Clarice of Spartanburg Animal Clinic. When she was just 7-weeks-old, Clarice came to Spartanburg with two broken front legs. Although she did end up losing one, she doesn’t let that get her down. This chatty girl loves interacting with patients and clients alike and, when she’s not doing that, she insists on being carried on Amanda’s shoulders. She is so loved by Amanda and the staff that they even have a portrait of her hanging up in the building.


Inwood Animal Center, Rottie says helloInwood Animal Center - Inwood, West Virginia
Some of our practice’s patients get so excited to visit that they nearly jump over the front desk to say hello. Ruger is one of them. At 16-months-old, this Rottie has been a patient at Inwood Animal Center for just over a year. One of the Inwood technicians, Meg, was leading Ruger to his appointment when he decided to stop for a face-to-face chat with reception. We’re happy to report that his wellness exam went well and he’s looking forward to his next visit.


West Gardiner, Maine, Dobby's pet visitAt Home Veterinary Care - West Gardiner, Maine
This one’s for all the Harry Potter fans out there! Named after the iconic house elf, Dobby is a 2-year-old mixed breed with a very expressive face. Unfortunately, when Dobby realized he was going to the vet instead of going for a walk, he was less than pleased. Luckily, the At Home Veterinary Care team knows just what to do with nervous clients like Dobby. In this particular case, it involved a good amount of spray cheese. Dobby has been a patient at the practice since he was just 5-months-old and, although he prefers staying home, the staff is always happy to have him. 


Ani-Mall Pet Hospital - Adoptable KittenAni-Mall Pet Hospital - Middletown, New York
This is Doc. Although he’s a patient at Ani-Mall Pet Hospital, he doesn’t have a home yet. Crazy, right?! Years ago, Ani-Mall started a wonderful tradition that’s now known as the Stray Fund. Each year, the practice hosts a handful of events and uses all the revenue they generate to be able to afford to take in stray kittens, spay and neuter them, and then find them forever homes. They’ve also extended their services to finding good homes for dogs whose owners have passed away. If you’re in the Middletown area and you’re interested in adopting Doc, don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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