Week 14: Keeping It Cute to Help Us Get Through

Week 14: Keeping It Cute to Help Us Get Through

June 18, 2020

Last week, we talked about how clients and their pets are still getting the customized care they need despite appointments being set up a little bit differently. We so appreciate the continued efforts of our practice teams, but we know their clients appreciate them even more. 
This week, we want to show off some of our practices’ amazing patients:

Veterinary Teams - Bricktown NJ providing care to a chicken during COVID-19Brick Town Veterinary Hospital - Brick Town, New Jersey
When we heard about Blue, a chicken belonging to a veterinary technician at Brick Town Veterinary Hospital, we knew we had to share her story. In addition to being ridiculously photogenic, Blue is extremely intelligent and compassionate. She spends most of her time watching over her fellow chickens which has, unfortunately, given her some issues with stress - but don’t worry, the Brick Town team is helping her work through them. She enjoyed interacting with everyone at her appointment and she even took the time to pose for a picture with Dayna, another BTVH tech.


Veterinary Teams - Springtown TX providing care to dogs during COVID-19Companion Animal Hospital - Spring, Texas
This is yet another Blue and her brother, Raider. This pair is completely inseparable, so the Companion Animal Hospital team meets their needs by having them visit one another during their puppy visits. These adorable Australian Shepherds are just 4-months-old and will, without a doubt, bring lots of smiles to the team as they continue to grow.


Veterinary Teams - Baldwin NY providing care to dogs during COVID-19Baldwin Harbor Animal Hospital - Baldwin, New York
Once in a while, it’s helpful to see things from a dog’s point of view. This is Little Bear excitedly looking out the window and waiting for his appointment at Baldwin Animal Hospital. This was his very first visit to the vet and, at 112 lbs, he’s definitely thought of as a gentle giant. The Baldwin Harbor team was super excited to welcome this sweet Newfoundland to the family.


Veterinary Teams - Milford VA providing care to pets and clients during COVID-19Caroline Animal Hospital - Milford, Virginia
Spring is turning into summer and it’s getting hotter out, so the Caroline Animal Hospital team came up with the idea to provide their clients with a hydration station while they wait for their pets to finish their curbside service appointments. They also decided to give clients the option to have a team member come out and bring their pet inside to wait which is a convenient perk for pet owners without air conditioning - or really just anyone who would rather not keep their car running for an extended period. And these are just a few of the innovative ideas our teams have come up with to continue improving the client experience while staying safe. 


Veterinary Teams - providing care to farm animals during COVID-19Greenville Veterinary Clinic - Greenville, Illinois
It’s no secret that the Greenville Veterinary Clinic team loves their large animals. Meet Good Friday, the 6-year-old alpaca. He was aptly named because he was due to be born on Easter but came a bit early. He visits the practice for his annual shear and his owner’s grandchildren keep the fleece for their craft projects. Good Friday’s family has been clients of GVC for over 24 years and he’s quickly become a fan favorite amongst the staff. 


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