Thankful Thursday: Starting 2023 Off Strong

Thankful Thursday: Starting 2023 Off Strong
Ringing in 2023 with appreciation
January 19, 2023

Our team knows how to start the year off right.  Take a look at some of these amazing, heartfelt messages from our network in recognition of their dedicated team members. 

Kathleen Koprowicz from Highland Veterinary Hospital, Highland, MI, wants to recognize Sarah, Lead CCS: "She was talking on and off with a new client for over an hour. She was able to help her in scheduling an appointment and help her with getting rides to the clinic. Sarah went above what was expected of her so this client didn't have to have a bad first experience with us."

Kathleen also would like to recognize Beth Malafouris, LVT: "She was able to get through the very busy days and organize what was going on. She also was able to deal with no doctor days without complaint. She is a rock star."

Chad Harris, DVM, VP Veterinary Leadership, wants to recognize the following team members from the OPS team:

Cesar Molina, RM: "I'm extremely lucky to get to work with Cesar on many fronts... as an RM/Vet Leader team, on the TechLife Team, and on the DEI Team. Cesar really is amazing at seeing the big picture of everything, but also being aware of the small details that make VetCor the company to work for. We are lucky to have him on our side!!!"

Jessica Lee, RM: "I've had the opportunity to partner with Jessica on a few projects since the blending of VetCor and PPV. Jessica is a passionate individual and strives to help the practices become the best versions of themselves. Thanks, Jess!"

Amanda Martinez, RM: "Despite being somewhat new to the role, Amanda has been a phenomenal partner to our practices in Texas. I look forward to working closely with her for years to come!!!"

Tamara A. Sloan, DVM, COS from Cat Care of Rochester Hills, Rochester Hills, MI, wants to recognize Andrew Wroblewski, LVT: "Andrew makes life so much easier for everyone in the clinic.  He's an amazing tech, a calming influence on the staff, and a gentle cat whisperer!  Everyone's stress level dropped and morale improved the moment he started at Cat Care.  THANK YOU!"

Mary Orefice from Torrington Animal Hospital, Torrington, CT, wants to recognize Emily Facey, Technician: "Thank you for always taking such a thorough history! You’re rocking the exam rooms and also doing a great job monitoring and mentoring in surgery!"

Cher-Ami Murphy from Ojai Village Veterinary Hospital, Ojai, CA, wants to recognize Jenny Biggerstaff, Technician: "Our hospital has endured so many staffing changes and challenges. Jenny has stood by our practice and has always had the best interest of not only our practice but our patients. She is caring and compassionate with fellow staff members but also patient as our practice changes and goes through some challenging growing pains. She works as a teammate and treats all fellow employees like family. She is so great to work with and I don't think we could have gotten through some of those really tough times without her! Our hospital has continued to be successful because of her. We love you, Jenny!"

Alannah Labesky RM, wants to recognize Dr. Tom Smith, COS: "A special shout out and thank you to Dr. Smith for providing Lend A Hand at several of our Ohio locations recently.  The teams have really appreciated and enjoyed working with you and I appreciate you spending your time helping some other locations in need. Thanks, TS!!"

Alannah would also like to recognize Amy Miller, Senior Director of Operations, and Jennifer Weitzel, Regional Manager: "Thank you Amy and Jennifer for continuing to mentor me and guide me through a variety of experiences within VetCor. I appreciate both of you always being a phone call away and wouldn't be where I am without you.   Looking forward to many more memories in 2023!"

Amy Klotz, RVT from Massillon Animal Hospital, Massillon, OH, wants to recognize Dr. Ullum and the entire team: "I have been filling in as interim Hospital Manager for them since October and the team has really been working hard and have been open to the changes that have been made in the hospital. I truly appreciate their openness to change and willingness to help implement it."

Anna Childers-Smith from Lake Station Pet Clinic, Lake Station, IN, wants to recognize Dr. Nicole Mock, COS: "I have worked side by side with Dr. Mock for 2 years and she always pushes the staff and myself to do and be better. She practices compassion and only wants the best for the team and for the clinic. It is a pleasure to be her partner in crime at LSPC."

Anne Porreca from Maple Hills Veterinary Hospital, Allentown, PA, wants to recognize Katie Branson, Lead PCA: "Katie is one of the leads in the kennel/doggy daycare. She is extremely dedicated and committed to keeping our furry friends safe and comfortable whether they are here for a month boarding, or just spending the day in daycare. Katie's calm energy and ability to stay composed positively impact the pets she cares for as well as her coworkers. We appreciate her dedication and the great example she sets for the entire "Paw Patrol" team."

Crystal from Beverly Hills Small Animal Hospital, Beverly Hills, CA, wants to recognize Ingrid Cruz, Technician: "Ingrid is a great worker. She comes ready to work and always makes sure to stay busy during our downtime. She has impressed us in surgery and has really shown her growth. Ingrid is always organizing and making sure that our supplies are accessible and in order. Thank you, Ingrid, for all your hard work!"

Jennifer Kutch from Berrien Veterinary Services, Baroda, MI, wants to recognize Dawn Burrows, Vet Assistant: "We recently lost a couple of employees that left a lot of tasks/responsibilities open (lab machine maintenance, online store, etc).  Dawn was the first to come to me to volunteer to take over these new tasks.  Not only has she learned them, but she is excelling at them!  I just want to recognize her hard work and let her know that I am thankful for her help!"

Jennifer Rishel from Lewis Veterinary Clinic, Linden, PA, wants to recognize Natalie Charnego, Technician: "Natalie goes above and beyond in all aspects of her job! She is extremely flexible with her schedule and always eager to learn."

Jennifer Weitzel from the OPS team wants to recognize Amy Klotz, HM, and Melissa Fox-Terrill, HM: "Amy and Melissa have been helping two sister hospitals for the past few months while they have been without a manager. They have juggled two hospitals, supports hospitals in moving paper lite, and excel in finding applicants for many VetCor locations. I am so very thankful for both of them!"

Jessie Nelson from Sugarloaf Animal Hospital, Lawrenceville, GA, wants to recognize Spence King, HM: "Have had a lot of things going on in the hospital, lots of change and he has been so great! Calm and just a rock to lean on.  So thankful to have him here with us!"

Jill Anderson from Appalachian Animal Hospital, Weaverville, NC, wants to recognize Miki Arndt, Vet Assistant: "Miki is a ROCKSTAR!  She is the biggest cheerleader for our team.  We can count on her to jump in where ever she is needed always with a smile and quick joke to keep us all laughing. Miki is finishing up school to be a Licensed Technician! Thank you Miki for being such a valuable part of Appalachian Animal Hospital. We love you!"

Julie Hogue from Windermere Animal Hospital, Fishers, IN, wants to recognize the following people on the Windermere team:

Rachel Goldberg, Receptionist: "Rachel went to work at our sister hospital when someone was sick at the other practice.  She was a lifesaver!  She is appreciated!"

Anna Adams, RVT: "Thank you for caring enough do our weekly education, I appreciate you!"

Samantha Thomas, Kennel Attendant: "Sam is always willing to come in and help out.  She has a passion for animals and it shows!  She is very much appreciated!"

Laura Fouts from Kaibab Veterinary Clinic, Flagstaff, AZ, wants to recognize Stephen Sullivan, Inventory Manager: "Stephen is amazing, not only does he ensure we are in stock for all our operational needs,  he is also our catch-all. We received more than 30in of snow in 4 days and Stephen kept our clients, patients, and staff safe with endless shoveling and salting. He also provides immense moral support for staff and keeps us smiling with his humor. We are lucky to have him and our grateful he has been a part of the Kaibab Veterinary Clinic for almost 20 years. We would be lost without you, Stephen!"

Mallory Redman-Joyner from Ambassador Animal Hospital, Fayetteville, NC, wants to recognize Becky Malisiak, Vet Assistant: "This employee has taken on so much to help around the hospital! Being the one to post on our social media accounts, handle health certificates, and do any handy work we need around the clinic! She is always willing to jump in and help whoever needs it! Her attitude towards everyone and everything is so always positive!"

Mallory would also like to recognize Holly Becker, CCS: "This employee has taken on a lot now being the senior receptionist! She is now the one to train new employees and I am able to delegate tasks to her and she gets them done timely! She is always empathetic with the clients and has great client communication!"

Marianne Quigley from Cat Care, Rochester Hills, MI, wants to recognize Paige White, Receptionist: "Paige is the ultimate team player! She is always willing to lend a hand when we are short-staffed. She has a tremendous sense of humor that keeps us all laughing. She is a treasured member of our team!"

Melissa Chere from Pet Partners Animal Clinic, Sussex, WI, wants to recognize Melanie Meyer, RM: "I took on the role of manager when we joined VetCor in 2021. I am very thankful to have my regional manager Melanie Meyer as a team leader. She is always there to lend support when I need it, point me in the correct direction, or just listen if I need someone to talk to about issues. I honestly don't know if I would have made it this far and enjoyed this new role as much as I do without her ongoing support, encouragement, reassurance, and belief in me. Thank You"

Melissa also would like to recognize Erica Neu, LVT: "I am beyond grateful that Erica Neu joined our team. She joined our practice in August of 2022 and has been a wonderful addition to our team. She started as a technician and soon decided to take the VTNE and became certified. We are so proud of her accomplishment and I'm grateful to my entire team for supporting her and answering her questions and helping her pass her test. She is truly a joy to work with, she is hard-working, brings new ideas to the table, works well with others, is extremely helpful, and has a great skill set among many other positive attributes. I really appreciate her as a tech and as a person and love the breath of fresh air she has brought to our clinic."

Miranda Murray from Riverside Animal Hospital, Flushing, MI, wants to recognize Brooke Quader, LVT: "Brooke has really stepped up in the last few months and is doing a tremendous job. All of the team members look up to her and are always eager to help her. She is always willing to go above and beyond not only for our clients and patients but for her fellow staff!"

Natasha Casper from the OPS team wants to recognize her regional team, Nicole Frank, Jay Mahon, MacKenzie Fortner, Christine Coe, Erin Heighton, Nicole Curler and Jess Campisi: "I couldn't do this Job without them; they have been a huge part of my success and development within VetCor, and working with these skilled individuals has made my position much easier to navigate as we have expanded the support for the Region. Their work ethic, support, and motivation for what we do on a daily basis, never fail to impress me. Thank you ALL for being awesome!"

Rebecca Pardue from Red Bank Animal, Chattanooga, TN, wants to recognize Shannon Cody, Vet Assistant: "Shannon is a fairly new member of our crew. She has stepped up and volunteered in the kennel to help us out during the holidays and in reception when needed. We are so grateful for her."

Sherry Thompson from County Line Animal Hospital, Ontario, NY, wants to recognize Madi Sandusky, Vet Assistant: "Madi has so much energy, she pulls along the team. She is so very cheerful and always has a smile for everyone."

Sue Reiter from Rosedale Animal Hospital, Baltimore, MD, wants to recognize Tracy Emara, VP Business Development: "Thanks to Tracy for arranging and hosting an amazing party for all the VetCor folk at VMX. It was a great way to meet some colleagues and have fun! Everyone had a blast!"

Kai Coll from Creature Comforts Animal Hospital, Las Vegas, NV, wants to recognize the following people from the Creature Comforts team:

Brandy Anselmo, Client Service Supervisor: "Our practice would like to recognize Brandy Anselmo, Client Service Supervisor, for leading our Petly Plan project. Brandy helped to prepare our practice and team for the rollout of Petly plans. Brandy's dedication to the project ensured a smooth rollout with a well-trained team. Her enthusiasm for the project was contagious to our team which also led to her success."

Julie Serneck, Remote Client Service Representative: "Julie is part of our remote team as a client service representative. Julie not only fields more call than anyone else on the days she is scheduled but she is also an amazing member of our training team. Julie welcomes all of our new hires with genuine support and kindness. She works 1:1 with our new team members via video to provide training on Cornerstone and appointment scheduling. Every new team member comes out of Julie's classes well-rounded and confident in their newly gained knowledge. As a champion for education, Julie's efforts positively impact our team members and culture."

Jamie Ryan, Vet Assistant: "Our treatment leadership team would like to recognize Jamie Ryan for going above and beyond every day for her patients, clients, and team. Jamie's positive attitude is infectious. Jamie is always willing to jump in to help anyone in need no matter the situation.  Jamie will go out of her way to make sure her team is supported. She welcomes new team members with warmth and kindness. Jamie is a very valuable member of our team and a great role model for our industry."

Allison Eddleman from South Anderson Veterinary Clinic, Anderson, IN, wants to recognize Lyndsey Eddleman, Social Media Manager & Vet Assistant & Emma Long, Vet Assistant: "Lyndsey and Emma both stepped back into their veterinary assistant role during their college break (Lyndsey just graduated with her BSN, and Emma is in her sophomore year at Miami Ohio) to help support our surgery team for the month of January. Thanks to these 2 ladies, we will do 2x the number of surgeries this month!"