Week Seven: Supporting One Another

Week Seven: Supporting One Another
April 30, 2020

If you haven’t read last week’s blog post, you definitely should. Every week, we’re sharing just a handful of stories about our amazing practice teams. Last week’s blog post consisted of a bin full of newborn puppies and team shout outs for Administrative Professionals Day, just to name a few examples.

Here are five more stories to remind you that we’re all in this together: 

Chesapeake Animal Clinic - Sidewalk ChalkChesapeake Animal Clinic - Owings, Maryland
There are no bad vibes at Chesapeake Animal Clinic. They came to the work to find heartfelt messages written for them in sidewalk chalk, complete with a helpful reminder to stop before entering. We’re big believers that we receive what we put out into the world and we know whoever left these messages has something good coming their way. We love the way communities are coming together to support their local businesses and organizations, especially in this case. 


Parkside Animal Care Center - COVID-19 Coloring PagesParkside Animal Care Center - Green Bay, Wisconsin
The Parkside Animal Care Center team turned a little bit of art therapy into a fun and healthy competition. The team anonymously colored pages supplied by their veterinary technician, Kelsey, and displayed them for voting. They’re all beautiful, of course, but there has to be a winner. Which one would you vote for?


Littleton Animal Hospital - Vet Olympic GamesLittleton Animal Hospital - Littleton, Massachusetts
Although the Olympics have been canceled, the Littleton Animal Hospital team has kept the spirit of competition alive by hosting their very own Olympic games. Their games vary from minute-to-win-it style competitions to scavenger hunts. The idea was born of a group effort and acts as an innovative way to energize the team each week. To make their games even more official, they even threw an opening ceremony in which each group paraded their flag around the practice.


High Ridge Animal Hospital - 18-week old puppyHigh Ridge Animal Hospital - Stamford, Connecticut
Sometimes, finding the silver lining in unpleasant circumstances can be tough, but the team over at High Ridge Animal Hospital doesn’t seem to have that issue. Snapping these photos of Greta, an 18-week-old long-haired dachshund, at her progress appointment was a great way to bring on the smiles. Though you might not be able to tell because of the masks, the team was definitely all smiles. Additionally, we’re happy to report Greta is happy, healthy, and bringing more smiles to everyone she meets.


Kingston Animal Hospital - Baby GoatsKingston Animal Hospital - Kingston, Massachusetts
Nothing lifts a person’s spirit like baby animals. Kingston Animal Hospital was recently graced by the presence of a bunch of kids. And yes, by “kids,” we mean baby goats. The staff was given the opportunity to mingle with the kids for some much needed stress relief which, to be fair, is more important than ever before. Wish we were there!


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