Celebrating Spring & National Puppy Day

Celebrating Spring & National Puppy Day
Puppies at Academy Animal Hospital
March 25, 2021

Check out all of the strong bonds being formed at our practices with our patients in our last post. This week we all celebrated the beginning of spring and National Puppy day and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to show some baby floof here on our blog.


Falmouth Animal HospitalFalmouth Animal Hospital - Falmouth, Massachusetts
What’s better than one puppy? Two puppies, of course! These Newfoundland pups are brothers and they’re clearly enjoying this time in their life when they can both be carried around at the same time, although we suspect it won’t last much longer. Evan, the hospital manager at Falmouth Animal Hospital, and the rest of the team fell head over heels in love with this dynamic duo and we can see why.


Douds Veterinary HospitalDouds Veterinary Hospital - Oberlin, Ohio
We love it when our practice teams finish up a visit with a photo op at the end. Pictured in front of this adorable backdrop are Frosty and Kymberlyn, a patient and tech who became fast friends. At Douds Veterinary Hospital, the team lovingly refers to their patients as their friends and treats them as such, so it’s no surprise these two snapped a picture together. Though we can’t see it, we know there’s a huge smile beneath Kymberlyn’s mask.


Tara Animal HospitalTara Animal Hospital - Colleyville, Texas
Spring has officially sprung and it’s already showing off its colors at some of our practices, including at Tara Animal Hospital. Of course, we love the sights and sounds that come with the beginning of spring, but add a very good girl to the foreground and you need say no more - we’re sold. Unfortunately, word has it that Matilda wasn’t as sold as we were; apparently, she was promised lunch but wasn’t told that stopping at the vet was part of the deal.


Academy Animal Hospital Academy Animal Hospital - Greenwood, Indiana
This sounds like the start of a joke, but we promise that it’s not. What do you do when four puppies show up for a visit at the same time? You grab a bucket. See? We told you there wasn’t a joke. You really just grab a bucket and hope they don’t jump out. That’s what the team at Academy Animal Hospital did - and it worked! Until they tried to take a puppy picture with all four fluffs looking at the camera at the same time. It’s still 100% calendar-worthy though.


Rae-Zor Grooming Boarding and DaycareRae-Zor Grooming, Boarding, & Daycare - Sanford, North Carolina
As a 7-year-old dog, Alex isn’t exactly a puppy anymore, but let us be the first to tell you that this very good girl is making the most of every day and living her best life. She recently lost her brother, Spidi, and she’s been adjusting to her new normal by making all kinds of new friends over at Rae-Zor Grooming, Boarding, & Daycare. They’re helping her stay busy and keep her spirits up which really isn’t so different from what our human friends do for us. We’re sending you our love, Alex!


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