Providing Care and Snuggles

Providing Care and Snuggles
Nala was happy with a reassuring touch and some treats
January 10, 2023 While our hospitals are dedicated to providing quality care to their patients they are also aware of the need for quality snuggles as part of that care. Whether its just a quick pick up and squeez, or a longer stay in a sling, our hospitals know the importance of going the extra mile when it comes to their amazing patients.

Wauwatosa Veterinary ClinicWauwatosa Veterinary Clinic - Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
The team at Wauwatosa Veterinary Clinic loves when Kingsley comes in for a visit and makes sure they all get in some hugs. It is an extra special day when Kingsley comes in with his equally adorable and hugable sister Naomi. Aside from all of the affection, they also make sure to spoil them so they look forward to coming in every time.


Lockridge Animal HospitalLockridge Animal Hospital - Manchester, New Hampshire
Eight-year-old Mickey was in for his dental assessment, treatment, and prevention procedure. He did great thanks to Lockridge Animal Hospital Vet Assistant, Risa, who carried him around in the “pooch pouch” after his procedure. She knows that Mickey is happiest when he is in someone’s arms.


Meuller Veterinary ServicesMueller Veterinary Services - Columbia, Illinois
Piper graced Mueller Veterinary Services with her presence and left a mark. She is an eight-week-old Blue Tick Beagle whose favorite pastime is taking naps. She also really enjoys playing with her fur-sister Stella, her kong, and her lamb chop toy. Piper’s mom and dad said she howls when it's time to eat—quite the dinner bell!


Ramsey Veterinary HospitalRamsey Veterinary Hospital - Ramsey, New Jersey
Sitting so sweetly and getting some extra pets from the staff at Ramsey Veterinary Hospital, you can’t help but love Nala. She is a 12-week-old Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix and did so well at her first puppy visit. She loved the treats she got for being such a good girl, but she is a little messy, can you spy the crumb nose?


Highland Veterinary HospitalHighland Veterinary Hospital - Highland, Michigan
Debuting and training with a new therapy laser, these pups got special treatment. It is exciting for the team at Highland Veterinary Hospital to offer this new service to their clients. Our hospitals are always striving to learn the latest technologies to offer more to their patients. Plus, everyone loves pets in goggles!



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