Sharing the Tech Love

Sharing the Tech Love
October 22, 2021

This week our practices have taken to social media to share their amazing vet techs with the world. During National Veterinary Technician Week, we pause to promote the valuable contributions our vet techs bring to their practices.

Family Veterinary ServicesFamily Veterinary Services - Montague, New Jersey
Kim began working at Family Veterinary Services while she was still in high school. In those days, she was covering some of the "messier" tasks. Now, after 10 years and a hard-earned bachelor’s degree, she is a full-fledged master of phlebotomy, laboratory equipment, surgical prep, and anesthesia monitoring.


Gateway Animal ClinicGateway Animal Clinic - Cleveland, Ohio
Jason is an OG member of Gateway Animal Clinic and has been a rock for their clients for 19 years. He is known for his compassion and empathy in the most difficult of situations. Jason and Gateway are one and the same. If you have ever entered their building, you know who he is. The team, client, and patients wouldn’t know what to do without him.


Highland Veterinary HospitalHighland Veterinary Hospital - Highland, Michigan
Techs bring so much energy and personality to their teams. They create a balance between hard work and fun. This is Amanda, a tech at the Highland Veterinary Hospital who is a perfect example of these qualities! Here she is diligently trying out the no flap ear wrap before they use it on any patients. After all, someone has to make sure it fits correctly.


Linwood Animal HospitalLinwood Animal Hospital - Lowell, Massachusetts
Thalisson joined the team at Linwood Animal Hospital right at the start of the pandemic. Because of that, he hasn’t met many clients face-to-face, but he has cuddled and baby-talked to hundreds of patients since he started. He speaks English and Portuguese and has become a trusted pet care partner to the clients in Linwood’s predominantly Brazilian pet-owning population.


Murphy Road Animal HospitalMurphy Road Animal Hospital - Sachse, Texas
Techs are multitaskers, and that certainly applies to Rayah. She has been with the team at Murphy Road Animal Hospital since 2019 and is meticulous at her job. She is known not only for keeping the rooms moving and taken care of but also for her sweet dance moves. She has earned the nickname “ "Rayah (ray of) Sunshine" and the team is so glad to have that infectious smile boosting their spirits.



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