Hugs for our Smaller Patients (and Clinic Cats!)

Hugs for our Smaller Patients (and Clinic Cats!)
October 8, 2021

Our patients on the smaller side usually get picked up, swaddled, or walked in a carrier. It doesn’t get much sweeter. Check out the small in size but big on personality patients and clinic cats in this week’s blog. Also, see our last blog for even more fluff.

East Hartford Animal HospitalEast Hartford Animal Hospital - East Hartford, Connecticut
Double Chihuahuas are as magical as a double rainbow. Chiki and Osito are being treated like the elegant pets they are by Nandi the vet assistant at East Hartford Animal Hospital.


South Ridge Animal HospitalSouthridge Animal Hospital - Denton, Texas
Simone, a vet tech at Southridge Animal Hospital scooped up Hwin at his recent visit. How can you resist those eyes? The team looks forward to watching Hwin grow.


North Windham Animal HospitalNorth Windham Animal Hospital - North Windham, Connecticut
Meet Roo, the clinic cat at North Windham Animal Animal Hospital. She definitely has main character vibes. Dr. Cockett gives Roo a daily hug, what better way to start the day (for both of them!).


Pleasant Valley Animal HospitalPleasant Valley Animal Hospital - Quakertown, Pennsylvania
Doobie, the hospital cat at Pleasant Valley Animal Hospital, kept a client company and snapped this selfie while the patient was with the doctor. To be honest, we think Doobie was really enjoying the attention— is that a smile?


Tender TouchTender Touch Veterinary Hospital - Scarborough, Maine
So much space for Zoey to get her zoomies out. The team at Tender Touch Veterinary Hospital says she doesn't realize she is small because she has such a big personality.


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