Recognizing Our Front Desk Staff

Recognizing Our Front Desk Staff
appreciating our receptionists
April 23, 2021

A couple of weeks ago, we showcased some milestones celebrated by both our practice teams and their clients. Now we’re celebrating Veterinary Receptionist Week, and we want to highlight some of the wonderful client care specialists that were recognized by their peers (and some adorable pets, of course).


Briargate Boulevard Briargate Boulevard Animal Hospital - Colorado Springs, Colorado
Ashley has been a member of the Briargate Boulevard team since September 2019. Her coworkers consider themselves lucky to work with her, noting her many years of experience, her fantastic people skills, and her great sense of humor. Even though Ashley’s a part-time employee, she’s made a full-time impact on her team and clients.


Basin Run Animal HospitalBasin Run Animal Hospital - Colora, Maryland
Tanya has been with Basin Run Animal Hospital since 2017. When her team highlighted her on their Facebook page for Veterinary Receptionist Week, their clients couldn’t stop commenting to complement Tanya’s many amazing qualities or share stories about how she treated their pet so well during their latest visit. According to the comments, Tanya is helpful, pleasant, and professional. She’s an integral part of Basin Run’s client services team, and she brings her experience as a tech to the front desk to make everyone’s day better.


Delphos Animal HospitalDelphos Animal Hospital - Delphos, Ohio
You know we couldn’t pass up a picture of a pup this cute. Check out the little bit of spray cheese on Luna’s paw and the mat licked clean behind her. This pretty girl is an 8-month-old American Pit Bull mix who sat through her exam and took her shots like a champ at Delphos Animal Hospital with Dr. Chelsea. She’s definitely saying, “More, please!” with that face.


Solomons Veterinary Medical Center Solomons Veterinary Medical Center - Solomons, Maryland
The team at Solomons Veterinary Medical Center was pivotal in finding the owners of this lost Akita/Shepherd mix. Brought in by a good Samaritan, they put out a message and quickly connected this sweet old man with his family thanks to the help of their clients. Thankfully, he’s now safe and sound at home.


Fresh Pond Animal HospitalFresh Pond Animal Hospital - Belmont, Massachusetts
It may be spring, but many of our practices, like Fresh Pond Animal Hospital, are still getting hit with winter weather. Daisy’s coat is so light, you might lose her in the snow, but that smile says, “Better weather is coming!” This adorable ray of sunshine is a 1-year-old Goldendoodle, and we hope she brightens your day as much as she brightens ours.


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