Celebrating Our Receptionists

Celebrating Our Receptionists
We are lucky to have exceptional receptionists in our network!
May 4, 2023

Receptionists have many responsibilities. Not only do they keep hospitals running, but through their dedication and compassion, they uphold the integrity of their practice and represent their core values. Their impact on clients goes beyond the conversations they have, their caring and supportive words help clients better handle difficult situations. We are fortunate to have many rockstar receptions here at VetCor!

Jeanna Richmond Veterinary ClinicAt Richmond Veterinary Clinic in Richmond, KY Jeanna is one of the go-to people. She has been there for 30 years and has been a part of the VetCor family since 2018, so Jeanna knows the hospital, staff, and clients, inside and out. “My earlier roles as kennel help and veterinary technician allow me to know, as a receptionist, what really goes on in the treatment areas, therefore I can answer clients' questions efficiently and effectively.” Jeanna shares what it is like to transition into the role of receptionist, “I loved my role as a technician, but the role of a receptionist is very different, instead of physically demanding, it is more mentally demanding.” At Richmond Veterinary Clinic they all rely on each other and have a wonderful synergy. There is no doubt that Jeanna is an integral part of the team!

The role of a veterinary receptionist can be challenging, but extremely rewarding. Cheryl at Trusty Vet in Huntsville, AL shared that being  part of the team, “gives [her] a sense of purpose and fulfillment.” Dr. Laura Jackson added, “As a doctor, I feel very blessed to work with a receptionist like Cheryl. She is courteous, organized, and overall, a wonderful person. It can be a difficult job at times, and she handles it with kindness and professionalism. Her helpful attitude is always appreciated, and I am so glad she is the first person our clients see when they come to Trusty Vet.”  Cheryl's ability to keep the hospital running smoothly and her keen attention to detail has earned her the title of "Work Mom."

Jocelyn Crofton Veterinary CenterWearing many hats comes hand in hand with being a receptionist. At Crofton Veterinary Center, Joceyln is lovingly referred to as “Jocelyn from IT”. Though she shies away from calling herself an expert she says, “After almost 6 years of being the unofficial on-site tech support, I’m happy to say I’ve learned a few tricks.” IT help aside, she is happiest working as a receptionist when she hears from clients how she and her team have made their experience great after a well visit or eased some of their fears when their pet isn’t feeling well. “Typically we are the first face they see and the last on their way out and hearing their kind words about how we’ve helped their pet and taken care of a member of their family is what makes this such a rewarding position.”

To all of the veterinary receptionists out there, we admire your resolve and your commitment to your teams. 

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