Seasons Change; Our Passion for Pets Doesn’t

Seasons Change; Our Passion for Pets Doesn’t
October 2, 2020

Earlier this month, we demonstrated how our practice teams are actively making time to appreciate the things that matter to them. They’re grateful to be sharing in each other’s milestones, enjoying socially distanced lunches in the sun, and taking in alllllll the puppy smiles.

Read on to see what some of our other practices have been up to this month:

Linden, Pennsylvania veterinary clinic - cats holding pawsLewis Veterinary Clinic - Linden, Pennsylvania
Penelope (right) is a 1-year-old foster (and temporary clinic cat) who is currently waiting to join her forever family in their home. However, she’s been making the most of her stay at the practice by befriending any and all of her neighbors. In this case, it’s 5-year-old Sage who was in for grooming. The team at Lewis Veterinary Clinic swears that Penelope is the one of the sweetest cats they’ve met. While they’ll miss her, they know this former stray is going to live her best life with a family of her own.


Marysville, Pennsylvania animal hospital - dog ends chemotherapyAnimal Hospital of Rye - Marysville, Pennsylvania
See that big smile on Elf’s face? That’s because he’s done with chemo. Back in March, this sweet guy was diagnosed with lymphoma, but he completed his cancer treatment with little to no side effects like the trooper he is. The team at Animal Hospital of Rye will continue to check in on him but they’re optimistic that he’ll remain healthy and in remission. We’re rooting for you, Elf!


Leominster animal hospital - comfortable catCentral Animal Hospital - Leominster, Massachusetts
After his visit, Romeo decided to make himself comfortable on Central Animal Hospital’s reception desk. Because he has diabetes, he had to come in for a blood sugar check and figured he’d soak up all the attention he could get while waiting on his dad to pick him up. The Central Animal Hospital team certainly didn’t mind his company.


Wichita, Kansas animal hospital - cat examBogue Animal Hospital - Wichita, Kansas
It can be difficult making patients feel comfortable and, sometimes, you’ve just got to think outside the box to do it which is exactly what the Bogue Animal Hospital team did. This cutie pie was waiting on her vaccines when she decided that she fit, so she was going to sit. As any pet owner knows, you can have all the fancy toys in the world but empty boxes and discarded tennis balls at the park somehow always reign supreme.


South Bend veterinary clinic, dog examWestern Vet Clinic - South Bend, Indiana
This big baby is Jett and Dr. Payne was lucky enough to give him a quick snuggle during his visit. As soon as he came in through those hospital doors, Jett managed to make the entire team smile. Everyone at Western Veterinary Clinic is looking forward to watching him grow and seeing him at his next appointment but they’re not so sure they’ll be able to pick him up by then.


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