Appreciating What’s Important

Appreciating What’s Important
September 15, 2020

In our last article, we showcased several of our practice teams and how they overcame adversity. In spite of every obstacle that was in their way, they kept on keeping on and never strayed from what was important. They took much needed breaks, celebrated one another, and enjoyed the pure joy that only pets can deliver.

North Huntingdon Veterinary AppointmentsSt. Francis Animal Hospital - North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
These days, having lunch outside with your team members isn’t always possible but, when it is, you better snap a picture! That’s what the St. Francis Animal Hospital team did when their technicians, Emily and Alyssa, took their dogs, Penny and Geo, to work with them for their appointments. Basking under the sun with your work family and your furry friends is time well spent and it’s sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.


Millburn NJ Veterinary Hospital EngagementMillburn Veterinary Hospital & Laser Surgery Center - Millburn, New Jersey
Sharing in (and celebrating) your teammates' most memorable milestones in life is a surefire way to lift spirits. Millburn Veterinary Hospital & Laser Surgery Center shared this amazing picture of their hospital manager, Naya, getting the surprise of her life. You see, Naya was expecting to participate in a photoshoot commemorating her 30th birthday. Little did she know she was about to be proposed to and become a bride-to-be. Congratulations, Naya!


Kalamazoo, Michigan Vet Tech celebrates 10,000 daysSprinkle Road Veterinary Clinic - Kalamazoo, Michigan
Speaking of big events, Jen, a technician at Sprinkle Road Veterinary Clinic, recently celebrated her 10,000th day at the practice. Each member of the team took a moment to express their gratitude for her and her dedication to her work. They also recognized this special milestone with lunch, gifts, and a few special guests.


Houston, Texas - Puppy's first veterinary appointmentMemorial Veterinary Pet Care Hospital - Houston, Texas
Going to the vet doesn’t always make patients smile, but 9-week-old Nelli the Chocolate Lab just couldn’t hide her happiness when she came in for her first puppy appointment. Her parents have been clients of Memorial Veterinary Pet Care Hospital since 1995 and she’s the latest addition to their fur family. Her smile is absolutely contagious, don’t you think?


Brookville, Maryland - Puppy's first veterinary appointmentBrookeville Animal Hospital - Brookville, Maryland
This is Riley. This happy boy was visiting Brookeville Animal Hospital for his very first puppy appointment and, like the rest of us, he’s very proud of himself. The team reports that he was exceptionally brave, but we’re sure all the snuggles helped too.


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