Love Your Pet Day!

Love Your Pet Day!
Stories from our clients
March 6, 2023

National Love Your Pet Day is about recognizing the special bond humans share with their furry, feathered, or scaly companions. Clients shared their favorite pet photos with their local hospitals that are a part of our network and you just have to see how adorable they are.


Monhagen Veterinary HospitalMonhagen Veterinary Hospital - Middletown, New York
The team at Monhagen Veterinary Hospital asked their clients to celebrate with them by showing a picture of the pet they are loving on for Love Your Pet Day. They received many responses from both current and past clients. This is Cody, who benefitted from the care at Monhagen as a puppy and now is a fantastic 10-year-old in perfect health.


Desert Sky Animal Hospital Desert Sky Animal Hospital - Glendale, Arizona
Meet Bear, otherwise known as "Little Man”. His mom says he loves to squeeze in anywhere to get closer to her for a snuggle. He found his family seven years ago and never looked back. There is so much love for Little Man, which by the way, is the name the Desert Sky Animal Hospital team gave him and it stuck.


Creve Coeur Animal HospitalCreve Coeur Animal Hospital - Saint Louis, Missouri
Daisy appropriately likes to stop and smell the roses. She is definitely pampered 365 days a year by her family. As a former patient, her mom says Daisy misses seeing her friends at Creve Coeur Animal Hospital but she is so thankful for the quality care she received there.


Indian Walk Veterinary CenterIndian Walk Veterinary Center - Newtown, Pennsylvania
Lucy Lu might be small in stature but she gives the best big hugs according to her mom. As a patient of Indian Walk Veterinary Center, Lucy is well taken care of at home and at her favorite veterinary center. She was rescued in January of 2019 and has been giving those big hugs ever since.


Lyncourt Veterinary HospitalLyncourt Veterinary Hospital - Syracuse, New York
Eloquent Scout hasn’t lost any of her grace even at the ripe old age of 15. She is a bit slender in build but is still healthy and gives her mom the sweetest cuddles. Scout is the love of her mom’s life and you better believe she gets cuddled right back. The team at Lyncourt Veterinary Hospital is always glad to see Scout.


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