Love Comes In All Shapes & Sizes

Love Comes In All Shapes & Sizes
Exotic pets and pups at our practices
February 24, 2022

We usually have an abundance of puppy and kitten images, so we are happy to mix it up a bit in this blog post. Our practices see so many different animals, it speaks to the breadth of knowledge and experience there is across this team. You can see the pure joy in the eyes of these pets as well as the staff.


HealthPointe Veterinary ClinicHealthPointe Veterinary Clinic - Duncan, South Carolina

Oliver is handsome and he knows it. He was the pet of the month over at HealthPointe Veterinary Clinic. Oliver is not only easy on the eyes, but he is also a great patient and was wonderful during his exam.


Tanneberger Veterinary Hospital Tanneberger Veterinary Hospital - St. Albans, Vermont

To up her cuteness game, this lovely bunny, Rosemary, came into Tenneberger Veterinary Hospital sporting this holiday bandana. Her visit with Dr. Katie went really well and she was “hoppy” to pose for this photo.


Stonebridge Veterinary HospitalStonebridge Veterinary Hospital - Rockwall, Texas

World, meet Boris, a 39-pound Sulcata Tortoise. He came into Stonebridge Veterinary Hospital for a check-in. Boris has even more growing to do as tortoises like him grow to be 70-100 pounds. The team can’t wait to see how much bigger he gets at his next visit.


Middlebranch VeterinaryMiddlebranch Veterinary - Carmel, New York

When you are no longer a puppy in size, that doesn’t mean you still can’t act like one. This is as close to sitting on a lap as he can get. Never one to deny a snuggle, the staff at Middlebranch Veterinary has learned to work around all the furry distractions.


Royston Animal HospitalRoyston Animal Hospital - Royston, Georgia

Ajah, a veterinary assistant at Royston Animal Hospital, gets a little help with her daily tasks. Quasar was very curious about what was keeping her from petting him. He was all done with his exam, but not all done with getting attention.


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