Adorable Patients Everyday

Adorable Patients Everyday

February 8, 2022

It is no surprise that our patients are cute, but what sets us apart is our amazing staff who know exactly how to meet their varying needs. Mostly in the form of snuggles and treats, our team members go the extra mile to make their patient’s visits as smooth as possible.


Tender Touch Veterinary HospitalTender Touch Veterinary Hospital - Scarborough, Maine

Captain Jack was commanding this very sturdy cardboard ship while in for his visit at Tender Touch Veterinary Hospital. He was passing time during his glucose curve appointment in the sweetest way possible.


Poland Animal HospitalPoland Animal Hospital - Poland, Maine

The team at Poland Animal Hospital doesn’t let their feline patients stay in their carriers for more than a second. They are quickly swept away in someone’s arms for a snuggle, just like Donner here. Reilly is doing the honors this time, but the staff definitely takes turns


East Hartford Animal HospitalEast Hartford Animal Hospital - East Hartford, Connecticut

There are never too many puppies at East Hartford Animal Hospital. These five Maltese dogs are too little yet for their vaccines, but old enough to capture everyone’s hearts. The team was soaking in all of the puppy snuggles on this day.


Tanneberger Veterinary HospitalTanneberger Veterinary Hospital - St. Albans, Vermont

We know it doesn’t look like it, but Hairy really did have a great exam at Tanneberger Veterinary Hospital. He was staying warm in this fashionable Yoda outfit, and with that stare he was giving the dark side a run for its money.


Ashland Veterinary HospitalAshland Animal Hospital - Ashland, Massachusetts

Many of our practices were hit with extreme cold weather recently, including Ashland Animal Hospital. Dr. Court’s dog, Bird, was ready for it with his blizzard gear. Looks like this Italian Greyhound may have been better prepared than some humans.


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