Goodbye Summer, Hello Cuteness

Goodbye Summer, Hello Cuteness
Maximus is patient of the day!
September 7, 2022

Summer might be over but the cuteness never ends at our practices. It is a privilege to be such a big part of so many of our patients’ and clients' lives. The moments captured below are the sweet times that our teams treasure.

Apple Grove Veterinary CareApple Grove Veterinary Care - Charlotte, Michigan
Nothing brings on a bigger, brighter smile than a puppy cuddle. The team at Apple Grove Veterinary Care knows that puppies make every day better. This sweet little guy was hanging out with Client Care Specialist, Jennifer, in this photo but we are pretty sure everyone got some snuggle time during this visit.


Parkway Veterinary HospitalParkway Veterinary Hospital - West Roxbury, Massachusetts
Maximus is much more friendly than the fictional gladiator and he was Parkway Veterinary Hospital’s best patient of the day. Known as a gentle giant, he clocks in at 160 pounds and is five years old. The team can’t wait to have him back in the office.


Ashland Animal HospitalAshland Animal Hospital - Ashland, Massachusetts
What do you think is going through Pogo’s mind? The team at Ashland Animal Hospital captioned this photo, “Help, I’m sinking!”. After this photo was taken, Pogo enjoyed his favorite spot in the hospital in peace and quiet—until they needed to run the water, of course.


Southside Animal HospitalSouth Side Animal Hospital - Indianapolis, Indiana
It took many attempts to take a photo of Zuzu enjoying her spray cheese that wasn’t blurry with excitement She barely flinched while getting her vaccinations, which is a huge part of the care that South Side Animal Hospital delivers to their patients. In the end, she licked every last bit off of her whiskers.


Camp Countryside DaycareCamp Countryside Daycare - Chelmsford, Massachusetts
Benny and a whole bunch of his buddies were celebrating their birthdays at Camp Countryside Daycare. Not shown are Fergus and Max who both decided to stick out their tongues for their birthday portraits. They are clearly the class clowns while Benny is a distinguished gentleman.


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