Cute & Compassionate Scenes from Our Practices

Cute & Compassionate Scenes from Our Practices
May 21, 2021

It was so fun to show off our incredible teams and their patients in our last blog post. Luckily, we never have to search hard to find amazing stories from our practices. Check out our latest round up from the field here:

Northwest Veterinary HospitalNorthwest Veterinary Hospital - Austin, Texas
Cuddles, no matter how brief, can really turn around anyone’s day. Dr. Christine Noel at Northwest Veterinary Hospital shared this sweet moment after an exam with her patient. We know all of our teams look forward to these moments between appointments to take the time to appreciate the simple things, like puppy snuggles.


Brick Town Veterinary HospitalBrick Town Veterinary Hospital - Brick Town, New Jersey
The team at Brick Town Veterinary Hospital was visited by this adorable bunch of kids during their lunch break. Dickie the pup also wanted in on the photo shoot because he didn’t think goats should get to have all the fun. Based on that smile, it looks like he found some new BFFs.


Stark Animal HospitalStark Animal Hospital - Canton, Ohio
Koda came to Stark Animal Hospital for her spay and did great. She was really pleased about her surgery aftercare, and she got a big bed of blankets and a fluffy pillow all to herself while she recuperated. We’re happy to report that she was so content, she stayed there all afternoon without a peep. What a good girl!


Dogwood Animal Hospital Dogwood Pet Hospital - Loves Park, Illinois
These six-week-old Boxer puppies took Dogwood Pet Hospital by storm. Vet techs, Arielle and Anna, got up close and personal with just four of the 10 that came in for their vaccines. The team let us know that all the puppies are healthy and will be heading to their forever homes soon.


Clarkson Veterinary HospitalClarkson Veterinary Hospital - Brockport, New York
Peanut makes us all want our own sock carrier. Known for her outstanding personality and her very small stature, this little lady is a big hit any time she visits Clarkson Veterinary Hospital. And by the looks of it, she seems to enjoy all the attention.


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