Adorable Patients Supported by Amazing Teams

Adorable Patients Supported by Amazing Teams
May 6, 2021

We had a great time celebrating Veterinary Receptionist Week, so if you didn’t catch it the first time around, you’ll want to check it out now. This week, we checked in with our practices across the country to get the latest and received some wonderful stories and pictures about our dedicated teams and their patients.

Parkside Veterinary HospitalParkside Veterinary Hospital - Albany, New York
Meet Sampson - the puppy who’s certainly living up to the expectations for both his name and his breed. This handsome little guy is a 13-week-old English Mastiff, and he’s already 37 lbs! Already learning how to play it cool, he made sure to soak up all the attention he could get from his vet assistant, Cara, and LVT, Michaela, during his appointment. He also learned that he’s a fan of liver treats which kept him in good spirits while Dr. Shnee examined him. The Parkside Veterinary Hospital team can’t wait to watch him grow, and they look forward to his next visit.


Advantage Veterinary Center Advantage Veterinary Center - High Ridge, Missouri
As part of their employee spotlight campaign, Advantage Veterinary Center gave a shout out to RVT, Robin Raynor. Robin joined the Advantage team in 2015, shortly after earning her associate’s degree in veterinary technology at Jefferson College. At the moment, she works at two different clinics and, when she’s not hard at work, you can find her hiking or napping with her furry BFF, Paisley.


Stonebridge Veterinary HospitalStonebridge Veterinary Hospital - Rockwall, Texas
We think we can all agree that there’s nothing better than sneaking in a quick cuddle before sending patients home. Luckily for the team at Stonebridge Veterinary Hospital, Luka and Magnolia had some time to sit back and hang out after their booster shots - and boy, did those two grow since the last time the team saw them!


Tara Animal Hospital Tara Animal Hospital - Colleyville, Texas
This view certainly made the Tara Animal Hospital team smile as they headed out to retrieve Harper and Rosie for their visit. These two Old English Sheepdogs looked super casual when they pulled up showing off their fantastic manes. The team assures us that, despite their looks, these two ladies don’t let their beauty go to their heads. They are, in fact, the very best patients.


Suffern Animal HospitalSuffern Animal Hospital - Suffern, New York
Usually, falling asleep on the job is a huge faux pas, but it’s okay if you’re as cute as Suffern Animal Hospital’s interim hospital manager, Lala Fettuccine. Her nap was probably very well deserved as her day was likely filled with treats, pets, lap snuggles, and patient greeting. That’s enough to tire anyone out, and we thank her for her hard work.


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