COVID Check In

COVID Check In

September 11, 2020

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been half a year since all things COVID started kicking off in March but here we are. Over the last six months, we’ve worked diligently to make life better for our employees in spite of the pandemic and the obstacles it’s thrown our way. And similarly, our practice teams have done the same for their clients and patients. 


Since COVID began, we’ve made a lot of headway in terms of solving problems, implementing new processes, and supporting the overall wellbeing of our teams. 

These are some of the things we’ve been fortunate to do so far:

  • Successfully create, and help our practices implement, a curbside service protocol to allow them to continue treating patients both safely and effectively
  • Host regular calls with our regional managers and vet leaders to share best practices, such as utilizing telemedicine, find solutions to various problems, and strengthen the connections between our hospitals 
  • Provide our practice teams with a wide range of internal resources including COVID marketing materials, operational support toolkits, HR support, and free access to new wellbeing benefits, such as Headspace 
  • Express our gratitude and boost morale by sharing stories about the wins of our practices, their teams, and their patients on both our website and our social channels, such as our Facebook page 
  • Supply resources to VetCor parents with children going back to school, including help finding child care through our employee assistance program, HealthAdvocate 
  • Establish the TechLife program as well as a diversity, equity, and inclusion team to better our overall culture, educate leadership, and focus on outreach 

As the pandemic continues to change the landscape around us, we’ll continue brainstorming and implementing new changes to keep making life better for everyone in the VetCor family.

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