Week 11: Puppy & Kitten Visits Lift Spirits

Week 11: Puppy & Kitten Visits Lift Spirits
May 28, 2020

Over and over again, our practice teams have shown us why life is better here. Last week, we shared a story about how one team got their hands dirty to make their practice a bit more welcoming while another rolled up their sleeves to raise food and monetary donations for those in need. We know we say it often, but we’re truly better together. 

This week, we wanted to recognize some of the newest patients our practices have seen this spring because, honestly, we love their patients just as much as they do.

Edwardsville Pet Hospital - Lab Mix's first appointmentEdwardsville Pet Hospital - Edwardsville, Illinois
Paige, a 12-month-old lab mix, came in for her vaccinations and the Edwardsville Pet Hospital team took their time to ease her anxiety. Her first visit to the vet went off without a hitch and to mark the occasion, she posed with this adorable sign - which clients absolutely love. Anyone who’s tried to post a picture of their pet to Instagram knows that it can be difficult to get them to pose but Paige seemed to know the drill. If you ask us, both her sides are her good sides.


South Carolina Veterinary team with Shih-PooTwo Notch Road Animal Clinic - Columbia, South Carolina
We’re jelly that Camryn got to snuggle with Jelli at her very first trip to Two Notch Road Animal Clinic. Jelli is a 6-week-old Shih-Poo and, just like her name implies, she’s super sweet. Her appointment went very well and she showed her appreciation with an abundance of kisses for the practice team. The Two Notch Road team looks forward to Jelli’s next visit as well as meeting her eight other four-legged siblings. The more the merrier. 


Brick, NJ Veterinarian with KittenBrick Town Veterinary Hospital - Brick, New Jersey
We’re not kitten around when we tell you our practices have seen a whole lot of kittens for their very first visits lately. Meet Monty, the adorable little furball who’s just the right shade of orange. This 8-week-old heartbreaker was loving all the attention he got from Dr. Leff and we’re certain he won’t mind coming back. As the team at Brick Town Veterinary Hospital put it, he was a purr-fect gentleman.


Shelby, NC Veterinary with Golden Retrieve PuppiesBoulevard Animal Hospital - Shelby, North Carolina
A pair of Golden Retriever puppies will make nearly everyone smile, but we have it on good authority that Riley has a soft spot for them. Really, she probably would have come in on her day off to see these adorable little balls of fur. She’s been a member of the Boulevard Animal Hospital team for around a year now and though she might seem biased, she really does love every single one of her patients.


College Station, TX Puppy ExamShenandoah Veterinary Clinic - College Station, Texas
Although 11-week-old Ranger might not have been able to see the staff smiling, he definitely felt the love at his first visit to Shenandoah Veterinary Clinic. Ranger is a Sheepadoodle who will never outgrow being cute and cuddly, no matter how big he gets. Ranger’s parents have been long time clients and the Shenandoah team has taken care of their pets for years. The practice team can’t wait to have him back.


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