Week 10: Continuing to Serve Our Communities

Week 10: Continuing to Serve Our Communities
May 21, 2020

Last week, we demonstrated some of the ways our teams have been supporting one another during the pandemic. Every individual practice team has shouldered the challenges they’ve been faced in a unique way and we’re proud to have them in the VetCor family.

Take a minute or two to check out the latest from our practices:

Blue Ridge, Georgia veterinary practice collect food to help communityOcoee Animal Hospital - Blue Ridge, Georgia
The team at Ocoee Animal Hospital really went the extra mile for those in need. In a project organized by one of their veterinary assistants, Amy, the team collected not one, but two truckloads of food, $1,450 in gift cards, and $2,950 in monetary donations to help members of their community who have been affected by COVID-19. They were just as overwhelmed by their clients’ generosity as we were by their kindness. This is yet another reminder of how important it is for our practices to strengthen their community ties.


Golf-Mil Veterinary Hospital - Niles, Illinois
Spring feels a little bit different this year but the Golf-Mil Veterinary Hospital team isn’t letting that get them down. In fact, they’re making sure their space is bright and cheery for their clients by doing some gardening. In a time of constant change, it’s nice to see some routines - like planting spring flowers - stay the same. And we promise, beneath the masks, everyone was all smiles and happy to flex their gardening skills.


St. Albans, Vermont Veterinary Clients help the teamTanneberger Veterinary Hospital - St. Albans, Vermont
Over the past few weeks, many of our practice’s clients have dropped off a variety of thoughtful and delicious gifts. Every gift is greatly appreciated but, to be honest, our teams are just as grateful to their clients for entrusting them with their pets’ care. However, one very unique gift caught our attention. The Tanneberger team received healthy protein drinks from a client and, quite frankly, we’ve never seen protein drinks look so good!


Cat Care of Rochester NY - silvering liningCat Care of Rochester Hills - Rochester Hills, Michigan
Finding the silver lining on a gloomy day can prove difficult, but even the most mundane of things at Cat Care of Rochester Hills brings them joy. When their 13-year-old clinic cat, Izzy, left this gift for them, they knew it was a symbol of her love. This short-haired tortie who welcomes all two-legged visitors and doesn’t upset the four-legged ones. Izzy requires daily medication for her IBD, but she doesn’t let that get her down. She still manages to brighten even the gloomiest of days with both her conversational skills and her signature strut.


Animal Hospital at the Crossing - Champaign, Illinois; serving Pomeranian for examAnimal Hospital at the Crossing - Champaign, Illinois
Animal Hospital at the Crossing's 12-week-old Pomeranian patient, Izzy, lifts everyone’s spirits. Like many of the new patients our practice’s have seen, Izzy received all the love and snuggles a pup could ask for when she came to visit. In return, she was quick to forgive the techs who were tasked with vaccinating her. Between the bow, her fur, and her tiny white toes, the team was over the moon. 


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