Week 12: Different Patients, Same Compassion

Week 12: Different Patients, Same Compassion
June 4, 2020

Last week, we got our fill of puppy and kitten visit pictures but who are we kidding? We couldn’t get enough of them if we tried. We love sharing stories from our practices to highlight their dedication to their patients, both new and old, as they continue serving their communities as essential employees. 

Keep reading for more stories from our practice teams:

Earlysville Veterinary - Pocket PetsEarlysville Animal Hospital - Earlysville, Virginia
This little opossum was at the right place at the right time. A client of Earlysville Animal Hospital found this little critter by chance and came to Dr. Purcell for help. She kept the baby opossum warm and full before handing it over to the Wildlife Center of Virginia. The center was happy to be connected with other opossum lovers and will reintroduce him or her to the wild once old enough. Due to limited handling, they’re not sure if the opossum is male or female but they’ve been lovingly calling it Paul/Polly.   


Montague Veterinary - Pocket Pet CareFamily Veterinary Services - Montague, New Jersey
Cinnamon is a curious 3-year-old who came in to have a mass aspirated. We know she’s in great hands since the Family Veterinary Services team will be keeping an eye on it for her. In fact, we’re pretty sure she loved hanging out judging by all the treats she accepted. Cinnamon has four (yes, really) guinea pig siblings and they all come to Family Veterinary Services for care and TLC. This family of guinea pigs has given the team the opportunity to see how much fun pocket pets can be.


Chicago Veterinary - Pocket PetsAnimal House of Chicago - Chicago, Illinois
Animal House of Chicago sees tons of fun and unique patients but we couldn’t pass up the chance to showcase this baby degu named Chili. Chili is one half of an absolutely adorable pair. At this particular visit, she and her best friend, Coffee, came in for flea treatment. Dr. Jenny reports that they were both on their best behavior and she looks forward to seeing them again. Cheers to this dynamic duo.


Broken Arrow Veterinary - Dog VeterinarianAPC Veterinary - Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
While waiting for their sweet shepherd mix, Stormy, to finish her curbside appointment, these clients decided to enjoy the nice weather instead of sitting in their car. Stormy has been part of the APC Veterinary family since her owners found her on the side of the road last fall. And we’re so happy they did. Perhaps they’ll even start a new trend and everyone will start bringing their own lawn chairs to their visits!


Green Bay Veterinary - Dog RescueParkside Animal Care Center - Green Bay, Wisconsin
Parkside Animal Care Center has a wonderful partnership with their local animal shelter, Lucky 7 Dog Rescue. This very good boy, Buddy, is just one of the many alumni of that shelter who has since become a Parkside patient. This 3-year-old Shepherd mix makes an awesome running partner for his owners and, as if you couldn’t already tell, is very photogenic. Lucky 7 Dog Rescue was thrilled to see this picture and get an update on Buddy. 


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