Meet Our Vet Leaders

Meet Our Vet Leaders
April 28, 2020

Our vet leaders have always been an integral part of our field support team. They help make life better here by offering assistance to our Chiefs of Staff, while fostering mentorship, networking and collaboration among all veterinarians. 

Over the years, they've become valuable resources for our practices by using their firsthand experience to help our practices tackle challenges and identify opportunities, both big and small. As we've grown, so has our veterinary leadership team. The team now consists of 9 dedicated veterinarians with diverse interests and backgrounds.

Take a minute to get to know the people who have an important role in helping our practices succeed!





Dr. Julie Bergeron

  • Washington State University, 1993
  • Joined VetCor in 2002
  • Home Practice: New England Veterinary Clinic
  • Supports Practices in CT, ME, MA, NH, NY, RI, & VT
  • Dr. Bergeron was an Army brat who was born in Germany and grew up on a farm on the Pacific Coast of Washington. She enjoys collaborating with our teams to solve problems and watching them thrive.

Dr. Bryan Haag

  • Michigan State, 1996
  • Joined VetCor in 2016
  • Former co-owner of Golf-Mil Veterinary Hospital
  • Supports Practices in IL, IN, MO, MN, WI, & others remotely
  • Dr. Haag plays piano to relax and has focused on deadlifting for 25 years. He is happiest when he's meeting our remarkable practice teams, sharing ideas, providing mentorship to others, and supporting our practices.


Dr. Chad Harris

  • Ross University, 2012
  • Joined VetCor in 2012
  • Home Practice: North Austin Animal Hospital
  • Supports Practices in TX, OK, AL, GA, & FL
  • Dr. Harris grew up on a zoo in Odessa, TX. He enjoys collaborating with the various VetCor groups across the country and loves strengthening those connections.

Dr. Kienan Gold

  • University of Tennessee, 2015
  • Joined VetCor in 2015
  • Home Practice: Harris Boulevard Veterinary Clinic
  • Supports Practices in NC & SC
  • Dr. Gold's parents raised him as a vegetarian which he has stuck with his entire life. He loves meeting so many great people and is constantly in awe of their passion and creativity. He says it's contagious!

Dr. Sara Mey

  • Michigan State University, 1996
  • Joined VetCor in 2016
  • Home Practice: Golf-Mil Veterinary Hospital
  • Supports Practices in IL, IN, MO, MN, WI, & others remotely
  • Dr. Mey grew up in Denmark, speaks Danish and Norwegian, and started playing the trumpet in her 40s. She derives joy from establishing bonds with others, providing mentorship, and carrying on the mission of "doing the right thing."


Dr. Jerry Ramsdell

  • University of Georgia, 1988  
  • Joined VetCor in 1998
  • Former owner of North East Animal Hospital 
  • Supports practices in MD, NY, OH, PA, VA, & WV
  • Dr. Ramsdell was a Captain in the Army prior to becoming a veterinarian. He was then ABVP boarded in canine and feline medicine from 2005-2015. He enjoys working with different types of people, sharing ideas, and making an impact on the veterinary field both at and beyond his practice.

Dr. Chris Rohwer

  • Michigan State, 1983  
  • Joined VetCor in 1999
  • Former owner of Sprinkle Road Veterinary Clinic
  • Supports practices in MI
  • Dr. Rohwer was once a technical mountain climber - ropes and all - but now claims he's "too old" to keep doing it. He served on the Michigan Veterinary Licensing Board for eight years and loves learning new things at each and every practice visit.

Dr. Aaron Smiley

  • University of Illinois, 2007
  • Joined VetCor in 2013
  • Home Practice: Devonshire Veterinary Clinic 
  • Supports practices in IN & OH
  • Dr. Smiley was the drum major of his high school marching band and the captain of the football team. He's currently the President of the Indiana VMA. He enjoys meeting and learning from other VetCor team members.

Dr. Gretchen Zarle

  • University of Tennessee, 1989
  • Joined VetCor in 2012
  • Former owner of Bartels Pet Hospital
  • Supports practices in Northeastern OH
  • Dr. Zarle loves to travel - the first time she ever left the country, she went to the Soviet Union by herself. Her family acknowledges that she's the "bravest/dumbest" one in the family and she plans to take both of her sons skydiving when the youngest turns 18. She loves getting to know people and appreciates them for their unique talents and personalities. She believes that everyone has something to offer.