Better Together: VetCor Welcomes the People, Pets & Vets Team

Better Together: VetCor Welcomes the People, Pets & Vets Team
September 1, 2022

We are excited to welcome People, Pets & Vets into the VetCor family! People, Pets & Vets was founded in 1992 in Olympia, Washington. Since then, they have grown their pawprint to over 150 practices throughout the western, southern, and southeastern United States. With this exciting partnership, VetCor will now be over 700 practices strong!

This is VetCor’s first partnership with a practice group and we are thrilled about what our blended organization will achieve together. People, Pets & Vets is driven by their passion for helping practices deliver the best care. Like VetCor, they are partnership-oriented and their core values are entirely aligned with VetCor. Collectively, our home office and field support teams are eager to move forward to bring even more support to our practices! The People, Pets & Vets and VetCor hospitals will continue to provide pets in their communities with the highest quality of compassionate, tailored care.

We take great pride in the work our veterinary practices do each day, and we look forward to learning from and sharing with the People, Pets & Vets family of practices.