Working Smarter Thanks to Remote Work

Working Smarter Thanks to Remote Work
Remote employees finding new ways to support practices
February 25, 2022

Remote work was on the radar before 2020, but, like so many other industries, our teams saw the potential when the pandemic hit. Since then, our practices have shown their resilience and flexibility by trying this new way of serving their communities as they navigated through staff illness and shortages. 


As a regional manager, Jennifer Weitzel is always looking to find attainable solutions. When it became clear that the burden on practices wasn’t easing up, she herself became a remote client care specialist. From then on, she has been dedicated to building awareness and educating our network about the benefits of remote work. She holds open office hours three times a week where she facilitates audience-led discussions and highlights different aspects of how remote work can be a successful part of any practice. She has gotten to know many of the remote team members and continues to be an asset as practices learn and grow with remote work. 

Jennifer works remotely herself supporting practices in her region, as well as practice team members that work remotely.

Jennifer rarely handles client calls these days as she is busy supporting those getting started with remote work. There are now more remote workers on our team than ever before! Here are some examples of the work our remote team members are able to accomplish. 

Amelia MihalikAmelia Mihalik is currently a full-time remote customer care specialist supporting Willoughby Hills, Richmond Heights, Countryside and Akron locations. Formerly an HM, she now fields over 300 calls a day between the three practices. She works closely with the in-office staff and is able to see the impact of her work on their daily schedules. She is incredibly thankful for the opportunity to have a healthy work-life balance. With the flexibility of her remote work, she recently visited a local grade school to share and educate others on a falcon's life and hopes to continue to spread the knowledge.


Brittany AnelloBrittany Anello helps practices across Florida with HM training, triage, and retention calls. Starting as a client service representative, she moved into a technician role and later became an HM before relocating with her husband to an area where there are no VetCor practices. In her remote role, she has created hospital manager training protocols and virtually trains some of our new HMs. Every day is different and she gets a lot of gratification knowing that her contributions are taking some of the workload off the staff in the hospitals.


Remote work is an option that anyone can explore. With the help of Jennifer Weitzel and those currently working remotely, we have wonderful resources to help you navigate determining if remote options are right for you and your practice. To learn more, don’t hesitate to reach out to your regional manager who can connect you to Jennifer and provide you with more information about her weekly office hours.