Welcome & Congrats

Welcome & Congrats
February 22, 2022


It is an exciting time and we have been fortunate to welcome some great new team members recently. Let’s extend a warm welcome to these new employees:

Stephanie Barbieri – Paralegal

Stephanie Barbieri – Paralegal

Jess Bibb – School Recruitment Program Manager

Jess Bibb – School Recruitment Program Manager

Sara Diamond - Recruiter

Sara Diamond – Recruiter

Dave Foley, Corporate Counsel

Dave Foley – Corporate Counsel

Elizabeth Lohnes, Content Marketing Specialist

Elizabeth Lohnes – Content Marketing Specialist

Meg McNair - Recruiter

Meg McNair – Recruiter

Chad Waligorski, Acquisition Manager

Chad Waligorski – Acquisition Manager


Also welcoming:

Alexis Delle Donne – Recruiter

Jeyson Gaviria-Rosa – Financial Analyst

Colleen Gokey-Harding – Staff Accountant

Amy Haley – AP Specialist

Luis Maldonado – IT Support



Congratulations are in order for these team members who advanced their careers and took on new roles to better serve our practices!

Bryan Haag, DVM – Vice President - Veterinary Leadership (formerly Vet Leadership Team)

Chad Harris, DVM – Vice President - Veterinary Leadership (formerly Vet Leadership Team)

Sara Mey, DVM – Vice President - Veterinary Leadership (formerly Vet Leadership Team)

Elizabeth Hodge – DVM - Vet Student Program Coordinator (formerly Veterinarian)

Jim Agan – Vice President - Facilities (formerly Senior Regional Manager)

Jessica Shelley – Facility Projects Coordinator (formerly Hospital Manager)

Amber Hansen – Vice President - Procurement (formerly Vendor Programs Manager)

Vanesa Rivera – Procurement Coordinator (formerly Hospital Manager)

Natasha Casper – Senior Regional Manager (formerly Regional Manager)

Mark Allen – Regional Manager (formerly Hospital Manager)

Alannah Labesky – Regional Manager (formerly Hospital Manager)

Liz Brooks – Senior Hospital Manager (formerly Hospital Manager)

Nicole Frank – Senior Hospital Manager (formerly Hospital Manager)

Kyleigh McDonald – Senior Hospital Manager (formerly Hospital Manager)

Raquel Kruse – Senior Recruiting Manager (formerly Senior Recruiter)

Erin Rojas – Human Resources Director (formerly Human Resources Manager)

Edward Zamora – Human Resources Manager (formerly Hospital Manager)

Mark Fitzpatrick – HRIS Manager (formerly Payroll Supervisor)

Steven Ramsdell – Senior Business Analyst (formerly Business Analyst)

Kendall DeAngelo – Manager FP&A (formerly Finance Manager)

Kelly Norton – Staff Accountant (formerly AP Specialist)

Pam Cronin – Senior AP Specialist (formerly AP Specialist)

Martine Salamone – Senior AP Specialist (formerly AP Specialist)

Sarah Crispin – Director of Central Support (formerly Integration Manager)

Kristyn Hubbard – Central Support Coordinator (formerly Veterinary Technician)

Beth Stamp – Central Support Coordinator (formerly Regional Manager)

Dawn McGrath – Marketing Director (formerly Digital Marketing Manager)

Kelly Alabek – Digital Marketing Associate (formerly Demandforce Specialist)

Nicole Goelz – Marketing Coordinator/Hospital Manager (formerly Hospital Manager)

We're so happy these talented individuals have decided to join and grow within the VetCor family. These changes and additions make us a stronger network, and we are so proud of each and every one of you.