Weathering the Storm Together

Weathering the Storm Together
August 20, 2020

If you need to add some positivity to your life, look no further. In our last article, we covered one couple’s amazing engagement story and we promise, this one is just as noteworthy. Luckily, it’s really easy for us to find these little snippets to share with you because our practice teams are so active and unique.

Weathering Hurricane Isaias - Family Veterinary ServiceFamily Veterinary Services - Montague, New Jersey
Rain, shine, or something in between, our teams never fail to deliver the customer service their clients have come to expect from them. Even Hurricane Isaias couldn’t stop the team at Family Veterinary Services from collecting their patients for their curbside appointments. When there’s a will, there’s a way and we appreciate their dedication to pets and the people who love them.


?Chester Veterinary Clinic - Renovation Project ArtChester Veterinary Clinic - Chester, Connecticut
Lots of our practice teams are lucky to have supportive family members and friends. And that’s certainly the case here at Chester Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Scher’s mother, Laurie, who’s also been deemed the “practice mom” created this wonderful piece of art by hand. Once they finish their ongoing renovation project, it’s going to be the cherry on top of their new look.


Silver Spring Animal Wellness Center - Terrier Mix Vet ExamSilver Spring Animal Wellness Center - Glendale, Wisconsin
Silver Spring Animal Wellness Center’s technician/receptionist, Melissa, knows her patients very well. This handsome 5-year-old terrier mix is named Kyle and he works his charm on everyone around him - and Melissa is no exception. Kyle’s parents have been clients at the practice for five years now and the staff can’t help but smile whenever they bring him in for a visit.


Emmitsburg Veterinary Hospital - United Kennel Club Obedience TrialEmmitsburg Veterinary Hospital - Emmitsburg, Maryland
Emmitsburg Veterinary Hospital recently had the honor of prepping Neely, the 8-year-old registered Standard Poodle, for his United Kennel Club (UKC) Obedience Trial. To get him ready for his big day, the Emmitsburg team cleaned his pearly whites and his parents were so appreciative that they sent along this photo of Neely and his haul. He won several awards, placing second in both the open class and obedience categories as well as winning a high combined award. Way to go Neely!


?Bellwood Animal Hospital - King Charles Spaniel posesBellwood Animal Hospital - Rockford, Illinois
Finnegan is a 3-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that loves to pose. In fact, whenever he visits Bellwood Animal Hospital, the team can never choose just one photo to share. Take this screenshot of Caitlin’s photo gallery as proof. Her phone is filled with Finnegan pictures and we can’t blame her. Plus, because she’s responsible for the practice’s strong social media game, she knows the value of a great puppy picture. #Facts.


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