VetLife Days Come to Life

VetLife Days Come to Life

May 24, 2023

VetLife at VetCor is a robust program created for veterinarians by veterinarians. It offers our vets the ability to connect across our network, encourages career development, supports new grad DVMs as they transition from school to practice, and facilitates learning opportunities through VetLife Days. VetLife Days offer our veterinarians the opportunity to learn a new skill, observe a different workflow, and be inspired at another VetCor hospital.

Every veterinarian at VetCor is eligible for four VetLife Days a year. This benefit is offered on top of CE and vacation time. Veterinarians can take a day they would normally work at their home clinic and spend it at a nearby hospital. 

Dr. Amanda Stout from Cedar Rapids Animal Hospital was seeking an opportunity to become more skilled in ultrasound but did not have access to in-person training in her community. She took advantage of one of her VetLife Days and connected with Dr. Ryan Schroeder from Bright Eyes and Bushy Tails who has extensive experience in ultrasound.   

"I used a VetLife Day to learn about abdominal ultrasound techniques from Dr. Schroeder. He actually came to our practice on his day off and showed me his abdominal ultrasound routine on the machine that I would be learning on. It gave me a lot of confidence to learn on the equipment that I am actually going to use. We performed an ultrasound on my personal senior dog and even found some things to follow up on. It was a very worthwhile experience and it is great to know there are colleagues nearby who can be a resource."

Dr. Ryan Schroeder added, "It was a pleasure meeting Dr. Stout and her dogs, Casper and Ty. I was happy to spend time helping her on her journey to gain proficiency in ultrasound. It can be difficult to access hands-on training here in the Midwest due to the cost and requirement for travel so this was a perfect opportunity."

VetLife continues to build programs that support and empower our veterinarians to learn and grow. We are excited to see what they create next! If you are a VetCor veterinarian, reach out to your Chief of Staff or Chief of Staff Advisor for more information on VetLife and VetLife Days.