Vetcor's Inaugural Veterinary Mentor Certification Program Graduation

Vetcor's Inaugural Veterinary Mentor Certification Program Graduation

January 29, 2024

On Monday, January 15, our first cohort of participants in the Veterinary Mentor Certification Program celebrated their graduation at VMX, marking a significant milestone for Vetcor. This program, designed to inspire and empower veterinary professionals, is the beginning of a new era for 42 certified mentors, including 10 who attended the ceremony in person. The vision for this program was brought to life by Dr. Elizabeth Hodge and Dr. John Calhoun, along with each of our graduates. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our sponsor, Zoetis, for their invaluable support throughout this journey.

The room was filled with excitement and a sense of community as our graduates joined together to receive recognition for their accomplishments. Beginning with DISC personality training, our mentors learned about their personality traits, providing insights into behavioral styles, communication preferences, and decision-making approaches.  

Following the training, we had the opportunity to recognize each of our graduates. Opening with a quote from Oprah Winfrey, "A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself," the ceremony emphasized the profound impact mentors have on individuals. The 42 graduates are now part of an elite group that embodies the spirit of mentorship within Team Vetcor. Each of these veterinarians showed their dedication to lifelong learning by committing to this program. These mentors are now certified to enhance their practices and contribute to the veterinary profession as a whole. Their hospitals are recognized as Mentorship Certified Locations and each graduate received a badge to display on their email and website. Quoting Maya Angelou, "People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel," the ceremony concluded by emphasizing the emotional impact of mentorship. 

As the graduates embark on their journey as Vetcor certified mentors, the ripple effect of their impact on their teams, Vetcor, and the larger veterinary community is eagerly awaited. The Mentor Certification Program stands as a testament to the commitment of these individuals to continuous learning, growth, and the advancement of veterinary practices. Congratulations to the inaugural class of Vetcor certified mentors! 

Let’s give a huge shout-out to this inaugural class, which played a pivotal role in making the Mentor Certification Program a reality:

  • Dr. Michelle Balas
  • Dr. John Bergeson
  • Dr. Lauren Cross
  • Dr. Mario Dinucci
  • Dr. Thea Doidge
  • Dr. John Green
  • Dr. Hunter Hamblen
  • Dr. Lynette Hemker
  • Dr. Stephanie Hoffman
  • Dr. Madeleine Hoog-Crellin
  • Dr. Richard Jankowski
  • Dr. Jeffrey Korosec
  • Dr. Wendy Kurtz
  • Dr. Michelle Looney
  • Dr. Stacey Martzall
  • Dr. Julie Massey
  • Dr. Sarah McConnell
  • Dr. Sharon Milza
  • Dr. Patrick Morrison
  • Dr. Olivia O'Keefe
  • Dr. Katie Olson
  • Dr. Jennifer Patton
  • Dr. Jonathan Perchick
  • Dr. Michael Putnam
  • Dr. Katelyn Sharpe
  • Dr. Raj Singh
  • Dr. Wanda Thompson
  • Dr. Kimberly Thornton
  • Dr. Karen Tysinger
  • Dr. Trevor Walker
  • Dr. MaryGrace Wendaur
  • Dr. Mark Will
  • Dr. Jennifer Zilinski


The Veterinary Mentorship Certification Program is one initiative supported by our VetLife collaboration circle whose purpose is to support, encourage, and enrich our veterinarians' lives and careers. Stay tuned for more information about the 2024 Veterinary Mentorship Certification Program.


Details of the Mentor Certification Program: The program, spanning nine virtual modules, included three RACE-approved outside speakers. Participants had the opportunity to earn RACE-approved CE credit, receive a $500 CE allowance, and connect virtually and in person with other Vetcor leaders.