Practices Full of Personality

Practices Full of Personality
October 28, 2020

Every October, National Vet Tech Week rolls around and we get to celebrate our techs and highlight the wonderful work they do. Earlier this month, we had a blast sharing a bunch of our favorite tech stories with you and, luckily, we’ve got even more.

St. Augustine Florida Veterinary Practice: Technician in the WildJackson Veterinary Hospital - St. Augustine, Florida
Over at Jackson Veterinary Hospital, this is called a “technician in the wild'' and we love it. Each of our practices has its own unique identity and National Vet Tech Week gives us the opportunity to get familiar with the amazing people who give their hospital its flair. Every practice is a culmination of so many different personalities and seeing photos like this remind us that while our practices do their jobs and do it well, they’re always down to have some fun too. Plus, climbing trees counts as stress relief and falls under the emotional wellbeing category, right?


New Palestine Indiana Veterinary Practice: Kitten's first visitNew Palestine Veterinary Clinic - New Palestine, Indiana
We never know exactly what patients are thinking but it’s always fun to take a guess. When this adorable 7-week-old long-haired kitten named Bear arrived at the practice for his very first visit, he flashed the New Palestine Veterinary Clinic team this look. It left them wondering if he was enjoying the snuggles or plotting something sinister. Luckily, it was the former - as far as we know.


Stoughton Wisconsin Veterinary Practice: Puppy and older brotherChalet Veterinary Clinic - Stoughton, Wisconsin
There’s nothing sweeter than brotherly love. Except for Halloween candy, of course. Frank is the newest addition to Dr. Culham’s furry family and, from what we can tell, his older brother, Calvin, doesn’t mind at all. After a little bit of play, Frank passed out in Calvin’s arms and, like a good big brother, Calvin stepped up to the plate to serve as Frank’s personal pillow. These two pups lucked out because they’re going to get all the cuddles from the team at Chalet Veterinary Clinic.


Washington Pennsylvania Veterinary Practice: Halloween TreatsMeadowlands Veterinary Hospital - Washington, Pennsylvania
Our practices are notorious for their holiday celebrations and Halloween is no exception. From coordinating themed costumes and hosting pumpkin carving contests to decorating their hospitals and bringing spooky treats to work, we’ve seen it all. This year, the team at Meadowlands Veterinary Hospital pulled out all the stops with this skeleton veggie plate and the accompanying desserts. This group effort definitely paid off when everyone got to head home with full stomachs at the end of the day.


Delphos Ohio Veterinary Practice: 1st Puppy ExamDelphos Animal Hospital - Delphos, Ohio
Archie could win a contest for cutest ears, hands down.This 4-month-old Rottweiler mix saw Dr. Chelsea at Delphos Animal Hospital for his very first puppy exams and a couple of vaccines. Not only did he take his shots like a champ, he also enjoyed lots of ear scratches, a manicure, and a pedicure. What a pampered pup!


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