Week Two: Our Teams Are Still Adapting & Serving Others with a Smile

Week Two: Our Teams Are Still Adapting & Serving Others with a Smile
March 27, 2020

As we talked about in our first blog post, our practice teams have been acting selflessly to make sure pets in their communities have access to the care they need. They’ve done a great job adjusting their policies as needed - whether that’s meant switching over to curbside service or utilizing accessible windows for medication and prescription food pick ups - and they continue to overcome any obstacle that’s thrown their way to ensure the safety of themselves and the people around them. 

Here are some examples of how our veterinarian practices are continuing to adapt in the face of COVID-19 and how the teams are staying positive (and spreading joy) in spite of it:

Pleasant Hills veterinarians with COVID-19 masksPleasant Hills Pet Hospital - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Equipped with their masks, the Pleasant Hills team is ready to rock and roll. A few team members showed off their masks on social media to let their clients know that they are open and ready to continue providing compassionate care to their pets. Their clients have been super supportive during these trying times which has helped them keep their spirits high. Their hospital manager, Amy, is also working hard to do that by carrying around a basket of candy for team members to take as they please. 


Rocks painted by the Princeton Veterinary Clinic teamLawrence Animal Hospital - Princeton, NJ
Lawrence Animal Hospital has implemented a new medication and prescription food pick up system that involves clients calling ahead and picking up their orders on the hospital’s doorstep. Their hospital manager, Kristen, wanted to do something to retain her team’s morale, so she brought them outside for a little bit of art therapy. Together, the team custom painted various rocks that they now use to weigh down the medication bags that they place outside for clients. 


Ocoee Animal Hospital practices social distancingOcoee Animal Hospital - Blue Ridge, Georgia
Everyone is feeling the weight of quarantine whether at work or at home. Our normal interactions have been significantly limited and home is starting to feel a little smaller than usual. Luckily, the Ocoee Animal Hospital team isn’t letting the idea of social distancing get them down. Yesterday, they decided to take advantage of the nice weather and catch some rays while enjoying their lunch as a team - at a safe distance away from one another, of course. Be like the Ocoee team and get some fresh air if the weather permits.


Chalet Veterinary Clinic makes custom COVID masksChalet Veterinary Clinic - Stoughton, Wisconsin
Throughout the country, there’s a shortage of masks and gloves for healthcare workers of all types. So to make sure the Chalet Veterinary Clinic team had what they needed to work safely, Dr. Julie Naber’s husband went to work and sewed masks for everyone - paw print hearts and all. Thanks to his kindness, Dr. Naber and her team are able to continue caring for pets while taking precautions to care for themselves as well.


Companion Animal Hospital curbside appointmentCompanion Animal Hospital - Spring, Texas 
Talk about service with a smile! When Companion Animal Hospital veterinary technician, Raven, saw two of her favorite clients sitting outside in their car during their pet’s appointment, she put on her gloves and brought them their coffee order. In a time that has us all feeling uneasy at best, random acts of kindness, like this, are a great way to boost your own mood and brighten someone’s day. Remember, you never know what’s going on in someone else’s life, especially right now.


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