10 Ways Our Vet Techs Make Life Better

10 Ways Our Vet Techs Make Life Better
October 8, 2020
Veterinary technicians are not only essential to our practices, they also play a huge part in the quality of care their patients receive. These highly skilled professionals keep our hospitals running like well oiled machines.  
Most people know that vet techs are responsible for things like client education, assisting veterinarians during exams, drawing blood, and monitoring pets during surgery, but they do much more than that.  
These are just some of the other ways our vet techs make life better for both their patients and each other:
  • Using their creative skills to decorate casts and wraps
  • Calming nervous pets by giving them peanut butter or soft cheese snacks
  • Providing post-surgical TLC to pets while they recover from their procedure 
  • Setting up new puppy and kitten stat charts – yes, they look very similar to baby stat charts that include the pet’s name, weight, favorite meal, etc. – to help owners track their pet’s progress
  • Educating clients by providing them with information on everything from nutrition to how to administer fluids at home 
  • Staying by their clients’ sides when they say their final goodbyes to their beloved pets
  • Assisting owners with those pesky tick removals
  • Checking in on patients with a friendly call after a visit or procedure
  • Multitasking – even when it means restraining a cat while talking to a client on the phone and reviewing a third pet’s records 
  • Being amazing individuals and team members who keep our practices running 


There’s no doubt that techs make life better for our practices, their clients, and their patients. We’d be lost without you guys. Thank you for everything you do!