Thanks for Helping Us Make National Vet Tech Week a Success

Thanks for Helping Us Make National Vet Tech Week a Success
October 22, 2020

Despite the pandemic, National Vet Tech Week was a huge success - both at the practice level and at the home office. We had a blast hosting our Facebook social contests and we loved seeing all of your pictures, especially the ones including your furry friends. 

We learned quite about our technicians from the TechLifers' contest but we also learned a lot about them thanks to our own, such as what they do behind the scenes when they're having fun.

Here are some fun facts we took away from this year's National Vet Tech Week contests: 

  • One of our hospital managers in Maine, Dawn, has owned an Amazon parrot named Nina for 30 years now.
  • Lots of our practices have clinic cats - like, way more than we expected.
  • The overwhelming consensus was that your team is your favorite part of working at your practice which means you've all got some pretty unique work family bonds going on.
  • A bunch of you guys exercise with your pets. 
  • Barbara Blevins, a tech at Boulevard Animal Hospital, owns the heaviest pets of the group with her two Belgian mares, Molly and Lady, weighing in at 1,800 lbs. each.
  • The team member who commented about working at their practice the longest was Ken Klino with 38 years and the shortest was Nisa Katz with one month so far.
  • Kentwood Cat Clinic is one of the only practices in the Michigan area that offers radioactive iodine treatments to treat hyperthyroidism (since 2005). 
  • Food is the best way to a vet tech's heart. 
  • We've got amazing artists at every practice - whether they're decorating casts, carving pumpkins, or creating milestone charts for their puppy and kitten patients, they make it look great. 
  • Jackson Veterinary Hospital has one of the only doctors in the area that performs caval surgery and the team is proud to be part of such important lifesaving efforts. 

As a result, 10 lucky winners earned tasty treats to share with their practice teams and Susie O'Toole-Corbett of Animal House of Chicago brought home the grand prize - her very own Furbo. 

We hope you all had a fantastic National Vet Tech Week; we can't wait to do it again next year!