TechLife Takes on National Vet Tech Week

TechLife Takes on National Vet Tech Week

October 20, 2020

As it turns out, our practices weren't the only ones having a blast celebrating National Vet Tech Week this year - our TechLifers used their Facebook group (which is now over 600 VetCor techs strong) to have some fun of their own. 

Like we did at the home office, the TechLife leaders held a social contest that resulted in 15 techs winning VetCor Yeti tumblers and, in addition to that, they received a bunch of pictures from the field and heard about all the delicious treats and activities that the techs were being treated to at the practice level. 

Here are some of the things we learned thanks to the TechLife social contest:

Veterinary Technicians destressOur vet techs can get really creative when it comes to destressing. Some of their favorite activities include singing, dancing, snacking, speaking in different accents, snuggling their patients (especially puppies), their clinic cats, and their coworkers' pets, and doing what they can to support their teammates. 


Veterinary Practices: staying organizedStaying organized isn't always easy but they've got it figured out. The technicians pictures of how they store their ET tubes, e-collars, phlebotomy supplies, and dental burrs to help out their sister practices.


Vet Techs get artisticWe've also got a number of Vincent van Goghs working at our practices (who knew?!) because when asked to show off their best bandaging skills, our tech teams came back not only with great technique but also with ART.


Veterinary Technicians favorite equipmentSome common favorite pieces of equipment include towel warmers, syringes, ultrasounds, dental x-rays, and, of course, hands because technology can't do everything.


VetTechs distract pet patientsGiving patients treats to distract them during treatment, utilizing empty fluid bags to protect bandaged paws, and using IV lines and tuberculin syringes for ET tube ties are just a few of their favorite vet tech hacks.


We loved seeing our techs get involved with the VetCor TechLife program and celebrating National Vet Tech Week together. If you're a VetCor tech and you haven't joined yet, today's the day.