21 Members of the VetCor Family Are Headed to Vet School

21 Members of the VetCor Family Are Headed to Vet School
May 26, 2020

Can you believe it?! Spring has sprung and yet another group of dedicated VetCor family members has been accepted into veterinary school. Congratulations! 

We're aware that it takes a strong support system to complete the application process (and everything beyond that), so let's take a moment to recognize our hospital managers for their constant mentorship and encouragement.

Without further ado, let's shout out the 21 practice team members who are going to be hitting the books this fall. We're so proud of you and we wish you the best during the upcoming school year.

  • Alyson Kreideweis (St. George's University), Raritan Animal Hospital, Raritan, NJ
  • Alyssa Crenshaw (Tuskeegee University), North Austin Animal Hospital, Austin, TX
  • Claudia Gomez (The Ohio State University), College Park Animal Hospital, College Park, MD
  • Courtney Smith (Kansas State University), Tara Animal Hospital, Colleyville, TX
  • Elizabeth Divito (Minnesota State University), Norwell Veterinary Hospital, Norwell, MA
  • Gabrielle Rivera (St. George's University), Cresskill Animal Hospital, Cresskill, NJ
  • Jillian Garrett (University of Georgia), Good Hands Veterinary Hospital, Athens, GA
  • Josef Schlueter-Walsh (University of Missouri), Chester Veterinary Clinic, Chester, CT
  • Kayla Preston (Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine), Basin Run Animal Hospital, Colora, MD
  • Lindsay McGovern (Ross University), New England Veterinary Clinic, Salem, MA
  • Maddie Sarver (St. George's University), Animal Hospital at the Crossing, Champaign, IL
  • Mariana Manzano Arvayo (Texas A&M University), Murphy Road Animal Hospital, Sachse, TX
  • Maya Coley (University of Pennsylvania), Fresh Pond Animal Hospital, Belmont, MA
  • Meg Lemon (University of Georgia), Good Hands Veterinary Hospital, Athens, GA
  • Melanie Bartevyan (Tufts University), Salem Animal Hospital, Salem, NH
  • Olivia Chaloux (Atlantic Veterinary College), Bethel Animal Hospital, Bethel, ME
  • Rachel Metz (The Ohio State University), Ridgeville Animal Hospital, North Ridgeville, OH
  • Renee Smith (Texas A&M University), Tara Animal Hospital, Colleyville, TX
  • Robyn Hawley (Michigan State University), Western Veterinary Clinic, South Bend, IN
  • Samantha Lehner (Missouri State University), Twinbrook Veterinary Hospital, Erie, PA
  • Stephanie Mesaeh (Long Island University), Willowood Acres Veterinary Clinic, Romulus, MI

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