Thankful Thursday: Your Appreciation Makes a Difference

Thankful Thursday: Your Appreciation Makes a Difference
April 21, 2022

Our team members are so good at taking the time to write these appreciation notes.  Whether they are one sentence or four, each one makes a huge impact not only on the person or people that are being thanked but on all the readers.

Kaci McHenry from Greenville Veterinary Clinic, Greenville, Pennsylvania, wants to recognize the entire staff at Greenville Veterinary Clinic: “I work with some of the most dedicated and hard-working girls I know. We have been short-staffed for a couple of months now and having multiple call-offs some days and these girls have shown incredible teamwork pulling together and busting their butts to get things done day in and day out. I wish I could give them the world as a thank you and show my appreciation for them!”

Dani Bridges Cabaniss from Boulevard Animal Hospital, Shelby, North Carolina, wants to recognize the entire staff at Boulevard Animal Hospital: “Fantastic attitudes and teamwork in the middle of a major renovation in the building!"

Michelle Metzner from Parkside Animal Care Center, Green Bay, Wisconsin, wants to recognize Leah Chastain, CVT and Angela DeBauche, CVT: “I wanted to give a shout out to Leah and Angie this month because they are amazing at training new hires and mentoring Interns and students. New team members often tell me during our check-ins that Leah and Angie are never impatient or upset if questions are asked over and over. Also, they take the time to explain things in ways that are easy to understand.  Knowing how hard training new staff can be while keeping up with your day-to-day responsibilities, I am grateful to have such easy-going, kind, and patient trainers here at Parkside. Thank you ladies for all that you do.”

Tamara Sloan, DVM, COS from Cat Care of Rochester Hills, Rochester Hills, Michigan, wants to recognize Vicki Mastny, LVT: “Vicki is worth her weight in platinum. She continues to shoulder all of the tasks that only our LVTs can do, despite being our only tech (we usually have 3). She has AMAZING technical skills and excels at keeping me sane. I don't know that I would've survived the last couple of years without her!"

Tom Rose, DVM, COS from Rolling Hills Veterinary Hospital, Columbia, Missouri, wants to recognize the team at Rolling Hills Veterinary Hospital: “Buttonwood has not given them nearly enough praise or shown much appreciation over the years and I just want them to know I am truly thankful for their dedication and all that they do."

Dr. Chad Harris, DVM, VP Veterinary Leadership, wants to recognize Dr. Belyeu and the entire team at Ocoee Animal Hospital in Blue Ridge, Georgia: “Dr. B and the Ocoee team are fantastic people and have a great practice. I'm so happy that I got to spend such a great time with the crew. You guys are awesome!"

Becky Pardue from Red Bank Animal, Chattanooga, Tennessee, wants to recognize Jennifer Curtis, reception: “Jennifer has always been the one that is always on time, rarely calls in, the dependable one. She is always willing to help if you ask and always does a GREAT job training our new receptionist.”

Amy Klotz from Douds Veterinary Hospital, Oberlin, Ohio, wants to recognize Jennifer Weitzel, Regional Manager: “I would like to thank Jennifer for helping our team go paper-light and then having the confidence in us to allow us to help others. I'm really enjoying the process of helping other hospitals go paper-light."

Lindsay Fidder from Bellwood Animal Hospital, Rockford, Illinois, wants to recognize Stacie Lenius, technician: “Thank you Stacie for always leading by example. You are always willing to help others, jump in even when not asked, and take the bull by the horns. Thank you for always keeping up on equipment maintenance and bringing issues to our attention when something needs to be fixed. You are a great asset to our team and a joy to work with.  We are so very lucky to have you!  P.S. We know you don't like your picture shared so here is a picture of Kylo. Now he's famous <3"

Kurt Rossebo, DVM, COS from Kaukauna Veterinary Clinic, Kaukauna, Wisconsin, wants to recognize Jenny Meulemans, lead reception: “Jenny has been with us for 25 years! She started at 17 and is our most dedicated team member. She is our head receptionist and we are a well-oiled machine when she is at the helm. And her memory is second to none. I don’t know how we’d function without our Jenny up front!"

Margie Giles from Sanford Animal Hospital, Sanford, North Carolina, wants to recognize Kim McLeod, RVT: “Kim is a wonderful member of our team! She is an amazing RVT but is also a jack of all trades! She keeps us well supplied and stocked as she takes care of all ordering and inventory. She also handles all of our prescription refills and follow-up calls. Kim is also very handy with tools. She can fix the toilet one minute and work on the autoclave the next.  One of her most important jobs is being Taco's Mom! We love them both!"

Alannah Labesky from the OPS team wants to recognize Terry from IT: “Special shout out to Terry for spending an excessive amount of time with me with one of my practices and a laptop issue. You were patient, and kind, and resolved the issue. "

Ali Laing from Hillcrest Animal Hospital, Richmond Heights, Ohio, wants to recognize the IT team: “The IT team is always so helpful and works with me since I am not tech-savvy!” 

Carina Chalfant from Fisherville Animal Hospital, Concord, New Hamshire, wants to recognize the entire hospital at Fisherville: “The past 2 years have been full of a whirlwind of emotions and feelings, from happy, stressful, fun, tired, draining, crazy, did that just happen kind of days. Everyone has supported, encouraged, and worked as a team. I couldn't be prouder of our group. I am thankful for all of them!"

Jodi McDowell from Loyalhanna Veterinary Clinic, Stahlstown, Pennsylvania, wants to recognize my rockstar receptionists!: “I want to recognize my rockstar receptionists! Lindsey, Susan, Courtney, and Cassandra are the first point of contact for our clients, and these lovely ladies handle whatever they encounter with professionalism and grace. We would be lost without them!"

Wanda Denslow from Ocoee Animal Hospital, Blue Ridge, Georgia, wants to recognize Dr. Chad Harris, DVM: “Dr. Harris flew in from Texas for a few days to train our doctors and technicians on the new ultrasound machine. He was very helpful with showing us the basics and working with individual staff members, allowing hands-on experience. The team enjoyed having Dr. Harris here and is excited about becoming more proficient as we continue to utilize the system. Thank you, Dr. Harris! We look forward to a return visit!"

Wanda also wants to recognize Mark Allen, Regional Manager: “It is such a pleasure to work alongside Mark. He always makes time to answer questions and offer suggestions to help improve/grow our practice. Mark is patient and calm no matter what he has going on behind the scenes...thank you! I'm blessed to be part of such an awesome team!"

Dr. Meg Connelly, DVM, COS from Willard Veterinary Clinic, Quincy, Massachusetts has the following people she would like to recognize:

Pam Daly, Hospital Manager: “Pam has been covering non-stop for staff shortages"

Dr. Clare Flanagan: “She recently moved to us. She is a wonderful soft tissue surgeon and is a welcome addition to our practice."

Dr. Emily Peterson: “For teaching us to target train dogs to accept intranasal bordetella vaccinations."

Jamie McVicker: “Jamie has been a hardworking and reliable employee for 16 years."

Dr. Martine Gravelle: “She is a hardworking, cheerful, and devoted veterinarian for the last 5 years."

Sue-Anne Gentry from the OPS team wants to recognize Kelly Buckley, Recruiting and Jennifer Weitzel, Regional Manager: “Kelly and Jennifer have been so willing to help when we desperately needed to juggle a busy schedule with the need to find new staff members.  They have been helpful, friendly and a great source of information. As a result, we have found a great new hire with others in the wings. Thank you so much for all of your help and wisdom."

Sue-Anne would also like to recognize Cindy Wyma, HM at Two Notch Road Animal Clinic: “Cindy has been helping me with the answering of questions and working with some of the new HM's in the region. She is kind, calm, and has a great sense of humor, which allows everyone to feel at ease and happy to work with her. Thanks, Cindy, you make life much easier and better for our region and we are ALL very grateful for your cheery personality."

As well as Tierra Curry, HM at Ambassador Animal Hospital: “Tierra is a hard-working, quiet member of our Regional team. She has been working away for a long time now without a COS, and without drama or fuss. She is incredibly fair with her staff members and cares deeply for them all, working as an advocate for each and every one of them, which can be missed at times. I am so thankful to have you on our NC team Tierra and hope you know how much you are valued and appreciated."

Finally, Sue-Anne wants to recognize Melanie Meyer, Cesar Molina, Chad Harris, and Steph Ragsdale: “The 4 amazing people are the majority of the DEI team who have been working behind the scenes for a long time now trying to make small changes that will have huge impacts (we truly hope) in the future for both this company and the individuals within our teams that want to feel a sense of belonging and equality in their workplace. It takes brave and outstanding people to keep working on this, and they all display those traits by the bucket load!”

Dava Hunt from Cozy Cat Veterinary Hospital, Raleigh, North Carolina, wants to recognize Dakota Cabe, LVT: “Dakota has taken on more responsibility in monitoring our boarding cats to make sure nothing is missed while they are here and is very hard working.  He is very caring to the cats and  compassionate.”

Amanda Marchesseault from Elk Creek Animal Hospital, Mt. Washington, Kentucky, wants to recognize Alyson Herbstreith, CCS: “Alyson is the most genuine person you'll ever meet. She's a hard-working mom at home and a hard-working technician here at Elk Creek. Alyson cares deeply about everyone around her and has a heart for veterinary medicine! I love that Alyson is a person that can fill a spot in any department of the hospital and is so willing to help wherever there's a need! She's the kind of person you just want to be around! Thank you for being you Alyson and for working hard for those around you!"

Melanie Meyer from the OPS team wants to recognize the entire staff at the Spring Harbor Animal Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin: “This team has made their way through a lot of challenging situations from staffing shortages, illnesses,  and a remodel to name a few. This team really looks out for each other and keeps the patient and client's best interests in mind. Really proud of this team for all the hard work they put in daily and their dedication to the practice and each other. Way to go Spring Harbor Team. I see you and I appreciate you ALL!"

Melanie Meyer also wants to recognize the Sheboygan Animal Hospital Team: “The team at the Sheboygan Animal Hospital has been working diligently through a remodel and close quarters. Karen Strysick has been doing an incredible job coordinating with the contractors, phasing the project, and keeping everyone positive. The new Hospital Manager Laurel Nonhof has stepped in during this transitional time and has led with such integrity and patience. This team is doing an AMAZING job adapting to the changes and progress. Thank you for all that you do!"

Miranda Anderson from Countryside Veterinary Clinic, New Richmond, Wisconsin, wants to recognize Sara Carpenter, vet assistant: “Sara has been going above and beyond to help her team members within our busy clinic! She has been answering phones and jumping in to help when needed.”

Miranda Anderson also wants to recognize Kelsey Johnson, vet assistant: “Kelsey is such a hard worker and shows her dedication every day, she always has a positive attitude with clients and makes the clinic a fun environment to work in!"

Michelle Immel from We Care Animal Hospital, Clintonville, Wisconsin, wants to recognize Emma Brown, receptionist: “Emma is sunshine on a cloudy day. She cares about the well-being of every single patient that walks through our door. Emma has grown in her confidence and skill set 10-fold in the last couple of years. I cannot imagine our front desk without her smiling face."

Alannah Labesky from the OPS team wants to recognize the whole team at Pet Hospital of Willoughby, Ohio: “They’ve endured some big changes at their practice the last few months. The entire team has continued to thrive and work very hard.”

Cindy Wyma from Two Notch Road Animal Clinic, Columbia, South Carolina, wants to recognize Technicians Savannah Woodham, Megan Brown, and Amy Peckham: “These ladies have gone above and beyond from being awesome with our clients/patients to working on our landscaping. I can always count on them when I need them. I'm truly thankful that we have them on our team. I love having these ladies here and they are such a strong part of our family!"

Jennifer Perry from Rae-Zor Grooming and Boarding, Sanford, North Carolina, wants to recognize Molly Crilly, PCA: “Miss Molly has been here since she was 6 years old. She has volunteered summers for years before she could apply for a position. Her first dog, Brady Boo, the best Brittany ever, was our very first daycare sign-up in 2007! Molly can and has done every aspect of this business from kennels, to the front desk, to bathing and everything in between. She is always our "GO TO" person. Watching her grow up has been the best experience for Rae and me. She is very independent and focused. She loves the job and it shows in her performance. Molly has been a part of Rae-Zor since the conception of the boarding/daycare scene. Thank you Miss Molly for always being the best!"

Jennifer Woods-Jones from All Creatures Veterinary Clinic, Charleston, South Carolina, wants to recognize Stephanie Angerstein, CSR: “I would like to publicly thank our CSR, Stephanie Angerstein. She is the only CSR we have had for a long time despite numerous attempts at hires. She is patient, knowledgeable and kind. She has a wicked sense of humor that keeps our spirits lifted. She is also incredibly dependable and trustworthy. I would give her the world if I could! She is also marrying her longtime sweetheart on May 2nd of this year so please send vibes of well wishes her way!"