Thankful Thursday: Lucky to Have Each Other

Thankful Thursday: Lucky to Have Each Other
March 18, 2021

We asked our practice teams to shout out an amazing coworker, employee, or work friend to help spread some gratitude, lift each other up, and make a difference in someone's day. 

Enjoy March's VetCor family shout outs below:

Maggie Seelow from Middleton Veterinary Hospital, Middleton, WI, wants to recognize Josh and Dawn from VetCor’s IT Department: "We had a new server install this week, Josh from IT was absolutely wonderful to work with and it went extremely well. Dawn helped me out with some other IT issues this week and as usual was patient and supportive and I am very grateful for both of their excellent support."

Candice Atkinson from Royston Animal Hospital, Royston, GA, wants to recognize Dr. Wanda Thompson, Chief of Staff: "Dr. Wanda Thompson works so hard to make sure all clients and staff are taken care of as they should be. She is a wonderful leader for our team and role model for our associates."

Nicole Desrosiers from Lincoln Animal Hospital, Lincoln, RI, wants to recognize the whole team at Lincoln Animal Hospital: "I have had to lean on this crew while I assist a new HM get her bearings with her new hospital. My crew has gone above and beyond making sure the hospital functions without me most days, they have put in extra hours to get my tasks done, and also have helped out with lend a hand to help the other hospital. This is why I love them, they are in it not only for their own but they extend themselves to other hospitals success. Thank you all, for all you do. We are such a great team. Saving lives and stamping out disease!"

Niccole Bruno from Companion Animal Hospital, Spring, TX, wants to recognize Whitney Grisso: "I am thankful for how dedicated she is to Companion. When we lost power she drove to the hospital in the storm to get our hospital cat and boarder and took them to another coworkers house who watched them. She is always thinking of Companion first- glad to have her by my side!"

Alyson Evans from Briargate Boulevard Animal Hospital, Colorado Springs, CO, wants to recognize Debbie Vanucci, veterinary technician: "Debbie has always been supportive of every team member. When half of the mgmt team was gone she stepped up and continued to ask me how she could help me with the extra duties I took on during that time. Debbie has a passion for Fear Free and Behavior and I am so thrilled that she accepted the position that we developed for her, as Lead Fear Free Technician. She will lead us to becoming a Fear Free Certified Practice and helping our team to continue to develop their Fear Free techniques. Thank you, Debbie for being such an enormous asset to our team."

She also wants to recognize Mollie Trusedell: "Mollie is one of our CCS and has newly stepped into the role of Special Needs Pet Coordinator. Mollie has a passion for pets with special needs (deaf, blind,...) Mollie has made training videos on how to help owners learn sign language to communicate with their special pets and does training for our team so we can help make their visit much more pleasurable as well as less stressful. Mollie has a few special needs pets of her own and can bring the unique experience of being a special needs pet owner herself to help develop new or altered ways of performing treatments and even a health exam for these special family members. Thank you, Mollie for stepping into this role and helping BBAH take the lead in special needs care for our clients special family members."

Sean Sornsin from the VetCor HQ team or from ("my kitchen table, I am everywhere") wants to recognize Vicky, Cassie, Melanie, and Natasha from the VetCor HQ team"Tremendous job with the OSHA and Safety Topic presentation for the Practice Management Plan. Entertaining and informative and well received by our practices. Awesome job of taking a huge and sometimes overwhelming subject and making it enjoyable for everyone. Kudos!"

Amy Klotz from Douds Veterinary Hospital, Oberlin, OH, wants to recognize Brandie Eichler, RVT: "Brandie is an amazing technician and does the vast majority of our dental procedures and she is a rockstar at them!"

She also wants to recognize Dr. Emily Nicely: "Dr. Nicely has been remarkable with her flexibility with scheduling and willingness to take on more when asked - it is truly appreciated! She is also our captain of fun- always coming up with great activities for the team!"

Michael Cooper from Portage Veterinary Clinic, Portage, WI, wants to recognize lead tech, Lesley Gage: "Les is the ultimate team player. She not only does an outstanding job with all aspects of veterinary nursing, she is an outstanding mentor. She is always available to fill in when needed. She works very hard and is always upbeat."

Nicole Snyder from Elk Creek Animal Hospital, Fisherville, KY, wants to recognize receptionist, Ashley Hillerich: "Ashley is AHHHHMAzzzzing on a daily basis! She is always thinking of the clients and patients needs. She is kind, hardworking, and a pleasure to work with! She's always thinking one step ahead! She is thorough in her work, and always willing to help with extra jobs around the hospital. She's really a Diamond in the Rough. Thanks Ashley! You are so appreciated!"

Dani Cabaniss from Boulevard Animal Hospital, Shelby, NC, wants to recognize all of the women of Boulevard Animal Hospital: "Recognizing them for their hard work during Women's History Month."

Nikki Frank from Cresskill Animal Hospital, Cresskill, NJ, wants to recognize Nia Clark: "For being a hard worker and taking care of the practice when I am away helping other practices."

Amy Obusek from Pleasant Hills Pet Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA, wants to recognize the entire team: "We are now approaching the one year mark of the beginning of the pandemic. To say the team here went above and beyond this past year, is an understatement. Through every challenge we were faced with, they worked through it all and overcame it as a team. I am truly proud of them all and most of all, happy to work with them. I thank each and every one here at PHPH for all of their hard work and dedication- even in the midst of chaos!"

Linda Zoldak from North Windham, CT, wants to recognize Amber Taylor: "Our hospital is struggling we have no doctor on staff, we are trying to run on relief. Amber has not giving up on us. We try to keep busy even though we don't even have a doctor working. Last week she asked me if she can paint our treatment and surgery room, she went and picked up the paint, brought her sander and paint blankets from home and the two rooms are looking fantastic. We know we will get a doctor someday, but a want to recognizing her for not just standing around and trying to make use of the time we have at this moment. I am also so grateful for the rest of me team going through this difficult time."

Melanie Mills from The Boston Cat Hospital, Jamaica Plain, MA, wants to recognize veterinary technician, Julia LaBarge: "Julia comes to work ready to work every day, she helps whenever and wherever she sees a need. She even jumped in our dumpster to find a lost stethoscope!"

Mark Allen from Good Hands Veterinary Hospital, Athens, GA, wants to recognize the entire team: "Our staff has risen to every challenge and continued to persevere through the hard times. I want to think my staff for continually showing up and working tirelessly for our patients. We have a true group of rockstars!"

Stacey Filak from Sprinkle Road Veterinary Clinic, Kalamazoo, MI, wants to recognize Dr. Laura McEndaffer and veterinary assistants Kris Zakula and Daniel Browne: "Yesterday, we had a dog come in covered in blood. His owner had returned from work to find him like that, and he had no idea what happened. Dr. Mac and her team worked quickly to discover the source (a bite wound on the tip of his tongue), sedated and treated. The room they were working in was absolutely covered in blood. It looked like a vicious murder scene. We were short staffed and busy (as usual) and these folks went far above and beyond to make sure the patient was treated well and loved on, the room and equipment were scrubbed down and disinfected, and we all still left on time. They were rockstars!"

Elizabeth Toglia from Tech Ridge Pet Hospital, Austin, TX, wants to recognize Amber Overton, receptionist: "While the city and the clinic were shut down due to snowstorms and ice; Amber, who lived close, was able to save over $10,000 worth of lab tests, vaccines, and medications from spoiling when the power went out for five days. She also contacted clients from home through Demandforce with appointments to keep them updated."

Cindy Wyma from Two Notch Road Animal Clinic, Columbia, SC, wants to recognize Savannah Woodham: "Savannah is my right hand! She is fully trained in all aspects of the clinic. She always steps up when a project comes up; even the difficult ones. She truly makes my job so much easier! She is my go to when I need something and she has never let me down. She has always put her best in whatever it is she is doing. Her love for our clinic, patients and clients make her a valuable asset to our team."

She also wants to recognize Komi Moss: "Komi is such a great asset to our team. She is one of our CSRs, but helps in many other areas. As we offer boarding here, she has been a life saver when one of our kennel staff left. She has filled in on kennel duties each time we have needed her. She also helps the technicians when they need it. Working as a CSR has been horrible during this pandemic, but Komi has taken it all in stride. She has the most beautiful smile and it is so infectious! "

Amy Klotz from Douds Veterinary Hospital, Oberlin, OH, wants to recognize Jennifer Weitzel from the VetCor HQ team: "Jennifer always goes above and beyond to make sure that everyone in her territory is taken care of. She is always available to answer a question or concern and supports all of us so amazingly!"

Kathleen Koprowicz from Highland Veterinary Hospital, Highland, MI, wants to recognize Beth Malafouris: "Being a new employee and getting things done like you have been here the whole time."

Joyce Boston from Countryside Pet Hospital, Conover, NC, wants to recognize her entire team: "Our amazing staff has pulled together through both the pandemic year of 2020 AND the transition to VetCor AND being extremely busy and somewhat short-staffed. They are an amazing group that genuinely care for our patients, clients and one another. I have been extremely blessed to work with this group of people. The competency and compassion they express each and every day is incredible!"

She also wants to recognize Sue-Anne Gentry from the VetCor HQ team: "Sue has been a tremendous resource and help as I have been figuring out how to help our hospital become a valuable asset to the VetCor family. I want to thank her for her patience and guidance along the way!"

Kimberly Fegan from Big Creek Pet Hospital, Cleveland, OH, wants to recognize Renee Primrose: "Renee is our front desk supervisor. Along with her 38+ hours of receptionist duties she also finds time to train, create P&P, deal with staffing issues and prepare schedule for the following month. Renee always has a positive attitude and we all enjoy having her here at BCPH."

Lynsey Mohr from Rehoboth Beach Animal Hospital, Rehoboth Beach, DE, wants to recognize the entire team: "I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to each and every staff member that makes Rehoboth Beach Animal Hospital possible. We've experienced our rough and bad days, but in the midst of it all they still find a way to pull through with positive attitude and smile on their face. The resilience they show with every change in protocol inspires me every day. Each and every team member brings their own talent to the table, and together they are elite team. I would like to give a special shout out to Dr. Sarah Hirsch who is also our Chief of Staff - I'm fully convinced that she is Super Woman! In all seriousness she is my right hand woman and I am very thankful to have her, she goes above and beyond for everyone at RBAH and she is a rockstar!"

Sandy LaViolette from Ripon Veterinary Clinic, Ripon, WI, wants to recognize Carrie Calmes, veterinary technician: "Carrie is always willing to help with any task and does it with a cheerful attitude. She is our cheerleader in the practice and tells everyone that they are doing a great job!"

Sarah (Sally) Schaefer from Countryside Animal Hospital, Staatsburg, NY, wants to recognize Ellen Finley, client care specialist: "Ellen is worth her weight in gold! She helps in so many different aspects jumping in to assist the techs and the vets and she is very efficient in everything she does. She is a licensed wildlife rehabber so she has assisted employees and clients who have found baby animals in need or severely injured animals that she has been able to nurse back to health. We are so lucky to have her on our team!!!!"

Ali Laing from Hillcrest Animal Hospital, Richmond Heights, OH wants to recognize veterinary assistant, Alana Klein: "Alana goes above and beyond everyday. I want to thank her for being such a rock star to our clients and most importantly our patients!"

Sherri Krauss from Franklin County Animal Hospital, Rocky Mount, VA, wants to recognize Peter Raymond from the VetCor HQ team: "Peter Raymond is a shining star who maintains a humble, friendly, and giving attitude while supporting practices and their teams. Leading the implementation of Skyworld, he's created an essential tool for making my job as HM easier. Through each position he has held in the company, he doesn't hesitate to make the time to brainstorm ideas and share his knowledge. He also will tell me when I am missing a bigger picture- in his patient, super nice way. VetCor is stronger as a whole due to authentic, broad-minded, team-players like Peter!"

Nicole Goelz from Goosepond Animal Hospital, Monroe, NY, wants to recognize Victoria Comandi, veterinary assistant: "Victoria has recently gone back to school to become a licensed veterinary technician. We are so proud of her and want to cheer her on! She has recently stepped up into the role of surgical assistant and that has helped our short-staffed tech team in so many ways. We can't wait to see what amazing things are ahead for her!"

Ron from Kaukauna Veterinary Clinic, Kaukauna, WI, wants to recognize Lisa Lambie, lead receptionist: "She has been with us for many years and recently had to decide to quit at our clinic to help out at a family business that is struggling for workers, or stay with us and have the family business suffer. She ultimately decided to reduce her role her, but continue to work with us, so that she can also fill in at the family business. She is so dedicated to us that she really wanted to stay with the team. She is a great worker, teammate and excellent with our clients. We did NOT want to see her leave. We want to thank her for her dedication and service with our clinic all these years."

Chad Harris from the vet leader team wants to recognize Cassie Linley: "Cassie's leadership and partnership is invaluable to the Texas and Oklahoma region. I've enjoyed growing with her so much! #sisterfromanothermister"

Christine Spodnick from Raritan Animal Hospital, Piscataway, NJ, wants to recognize Megan Fisher, office manager: "Megan has done a great job since taking over as office manager at our Piscataway Clinic. She has worked very hard to organize and improve the efficiency of the clinic. She has also created a positive atmosphere for all of the employees who work there. Thank you, Megan!"

Sara Mey from Golf-Mil Veterinary Hospital, Niles, IL, wants to recognize Dr. David Laubert: "Thank you Dr. Laubert for all your hard work and commitment to your patients and clients. This past year has been especially challenging but you exhibit grace under pressure and reach out when you need help. I appreciate your sense of humor and ability to put one foot in front of the other even when the going is tough. The world is a better place because you are in it."

Danielle Esplin (Perkins) from Indian Walk Veterinary Center, Newtown, PA, wants to recognize Jennifer Manniscola: "Always going above and beyond the expectations of the work day, especially working early mornings and late nights with me as we try to work through the recent snow storms and strategizing openings. She is awesome!"

Jennifer Donnelly from Verandah Pet Hospital, Ft. Myers, FL, wants to recognize Karli Jones: "For always being a team player, keeping a positive attitude, and putting patient care first!"

Kathie Lowman from Basin Run Animal Hospital, Colora, MD, wants to recognize Connor Muse, DVM: "Besides being a great veterinarian and well-liked by clients, Connor has a wonderful personality and great sense of humor. Since he joined our practice, I have never seen him in a bad mood. Connor can always put a smile on your face and make you laugh. In the craziness of dealing with covid and curbside service it is so valuable to have someone who brings so much fun to our team. Thank you, Connor, from all of us!"

Diana Bradford from Animal Clinic of Grand Prairie, Grand Prairie, TX, wants to recognize Stacey Smith (surgery tech) Dona Weig (boarding manager): "During snow/ice and constant power outages, they spent 6 nights at the practice taking care of the boarding animals and maintaining the building. They also kept faucets dripping so they didn't freeze. Answered phone calls assisting clients on our closure and where to take their pets in the event of an emergency."

Julie Januchowski from Northern Michigan Veterinary Hospital, Williamsburg, MI, wants to recognize the entire NMVH team: "What an amazing group of individuals. These ladies and gentleman, go above and beyond to give our clients exceptional care of their beloved pets. Like many of you, we have seen several new clients as well and I just LOVE reading all the reviews they leave gushing about how great EVERY team member they met was! Way to go NMVH team. You are all rockstars!"

Kaleen Bynaker from Gaithersburg Animal Hospital, Gaithersburg, MD, wants to recognize Rayna Pattan: "She always goes the extra mile, unpacked all my packages that came in while I was off, is an ear and a shoulder to anyone who needs it. Reminds me to look at the bright side when I am having a bad day. Offers up that we are Libra's so we will always take care of people...:) love her- she is a rockstar!"

Sue-Anne Gentry from VetCor HQ, wants to recognize Ashley Price: "Ashley is going through some tough times right now, but while she does, she is able and willing to reach out and put others first. She is a shining example of why and how we all do the job we do!"

She also wants to thank Stephanie Ragsdale: "Steph needs to be recognized for SO many reasons, but mostly for myself because she is a tower of strength with great compassion. She is goofy and laughs at any given opportunity, and is more than happy to have you laugh with her. Steph tells people that VetCor staff are the reason she continues to do what she does, and she lives every word of that statement. My only regret is that I did not get to work for VetCor sooner and have her as a boss sooner!"

Finally, she added a shout out to Sean Sornsin: "We all say thank you to Sean when he sends out a warm and fuzzy email to us on a cold dreary Monday morning, but I wanted to speak up and have everyone see how valued Sean is and that he is an amazing motivator. He listens, and lays it out straight when it is needed. He is a mic drop kind of guy, that brings many a giggle to the RM calls. But as well as all of that, he is a mine of information who is willing to help when asked and when not asked to. He takes on a lion’s share of work, and does so willingly. He is invested in the growth of the people at VetCor at all levels, and that is how we grow!"

LeAnne Charles from Mars Hill Animal Hospital, Bogart, GA, wants to recognize Fallon Springer, Rosa Baez, Tanya Johnson, and Jessica Wolford: "I am so proud of my entire team, they have been working hard this whole Covid season. We have been able to stay open and continue to see our patients as well as other hospital patients too. I want to give a special shout out to Fallon Springer for making sure we all have lunch when we can’t leave the building. She has been picking up our lunch orders for a year now and never complains. When she is off Rosa Baez is happy to make sure we all get food as well. Tanya Johnson and Jessica Wolford keep us going in the mornings with frequent Dunkin runs. I don’t know what I would do without such awesome coworkers."

Tiffany McBride from Harris Boulevard Veterinary Clinic, Charlotte, NC, wants to recognize Dr. Alexis Jones: "We've had a rough couple weeks here with employees out due to Covid issues. Time and again Dr. Jones is stepping out of her comfort zone and into other responsibilities to help the team. She's been up front doing reception work, in treatment holding for blood draws, taking shorter lunches and jumping in to help wherever she sees a struggle. She sees how stressed the team is becoming and is immediately there to even provide comic relief if needed. Thank you Dr. Jones!"

Dava Hunt from Cozy Cat Veterinary Hospital, Raleigh, NC, wants to recognize Dakota Cabe, RVT: "Dakota is hard working, great in surgery and he is very knowledgeable. He helps me with the spring and summer plants which is coming up soon. He helps wherever he can and does not mind having to come in on his day off if needed."

Kathy Currlin from Atrium Animal Hospital, Charlotte, NC, wants to recognize Catherine Braden, veterinary assistant: "Catherine is a super hero with super powers! On any day she can be found giving a dog a bath, filling meds, assisting techs with xrays, trimming the shrubs outside, keeping all aspects of the hospital clean, NOTICING anything that is not where it should be...and taking the steps to correct it. Everyday, when I see her moving thru the hospital, I am grateful for the fact that I know I can count on her with anything that comes up. She is an anchor for us! Thank you, Catherine, from all the staff at Atrium! You rock!"

Debbie Maloy from Meadowlands Veterinary Hospital, Washington, PA, wants to recognize the entire staff: "My entire staff has gone above and beyond in these very hard times. They've been trying to stay positive even with all the negativity and difficult clients. I appreciate them all."

Joseph Kinnarney from Armadale Animal Hospital, Raleigh, NC, wants to recognize Chris Ward: "Chris always maintains his calm resolve no matter how overwhelmed the front desk gets and always helps clients with cordial patience no matter how difficult they might be."

Margie Giles from Sanford Animal Hospital, Sanford, NC, wants to recognize Heather Corbin, RVT: "Heather has been with Sanford Animal Hospital for 16 years! She does our international health certificates and just completed sending 2 trained military working dogs to Australia - the prep work for these 2 started back in May 2020. She has stayed on top of everything for their travel and with some delays - they are finally leaving in a few weeks! Heather is also our go to sassy dog & cat handler as well as our feline blood draw guru! She is always willing to come in on her day off for C-sections and we simply could not function without Heather!! Thank you so much for your dedication to Sanford Animal Hospital!"

Katie Hallman from McAdory Veterinary Clinic, McCalla, AL, wants to recognize the entire staff: "I want to thank the entire staff for their understanding and support as I have been learning my new role as hospital manager. As we have made this transition, they have all been so kind in understanding that I have had much to learn. I also want to thank them for their hard work the past year as we have gone through all of the many hurdles that the year has thrown us. Thanks so much for all that you do McAdory!"

Sue Gentry and Jill Craig from the VetCor HQ team want to recognize Alannah Labesky, senior HM: "We would like to recognize Alannah Labesky for all of her hard work and dedication to our RM team. Not only does she help us with our hospitals, she also is a full time HM at her own in Erie, PA! She keeps a positive attitude, a smile on her face, and is always willing to pitch in when needed. She makes us better RMs! Thanks for being an amazing co-worker and friend, Alannah!"