Thankful Thursday: Dog Days of Summer

Thankful Thursday: Dog Days of Summer
June 17, 2021

Our practice teams are made up of countless kind, compassionate, and hardworking individuals which is why it's nearly impossible to thank just a single person. The lengths they go to in order to help each other through the dog days of summer are truly amazing.

Enjoy June's VetCor family shout outs below:

Tiffany McBride from Harris Boulevard Veterinary Clinic, Charlotte, NC, wants to recognize Dana Dalrymple- Client Care Specialist: "Dana is our newest receptionist but had worked as a kennel attendant 6 years ago. Over the holiday weekend our kennel staff was very overwhelmed and Dana went out of her way to come in on her days off- over a holiday weekend to lend a helping hand. Her kindness is so appreciated!"

Jodi Smoley from Primary Pet Care, Stow, OH, wants to recognize Chelsea Clekis: "I'd like to recognize Chelsea for her flexibility in times of change for our clinic and adapting to a new position."

Sue-Anne Gentry from the OPS team wants to recognize Chad Harris: "I was out for medical leave in May, and Dr. Harris held an impromptu meeting with my HM's because it was on the schedule and he knew I wouldn't make it, just to make sure they were ok. They now ask if he is going to be on our calls and he is considered a part of our team. Dr. Harris has a knack of knowing just what to say to the teams at just the right time. He is a part of so many things happening at VetCor, but still found time to meet with them. Way To Go Dr. Harris. Welcome to NC, SC and AL!"

She also wants to recognize Dawn Conklin and IT: "When you are having a bad day that is made a really bad day by computers then you submit a helpdesk ticket entitled "I hate computers", and the IT team call you within 5 minutes, they need recognition and a medal for being so brave. They also need to know how thankful we are for them for helping with computers and mental health of all when they speak to us. I love our IT team and I love that they have a sense of humor that allows me to laugh at myself. Humor is key, and this team has buckets of it, including the response on the HD ticket after the counseling session for this RM. THANK YOU."

The shout outs kept coming with kind words for Jennifer Keiser-Perry: "At a time when it would have been easier to blame covid for the downturn in revenue and profits, Jennifer took the time to complete her training certificate so that when dogs can come back to them, she has other services to offer. She received her certification last month and has her client forms ready to go, her price list thought out and her plan in place already. What a pleasure to have someone on the team that works toward her bigger picture and just keeps on going. Thanks, Jennifer for being such an amazing example"

Finally, she wants to recognize Katie Hanson: "Katie is a machine! She keeps on plugging on with the search for unicorns, and SHE FINDS THEM! She is so polite with people that don't see what she has done and don't understand the urgency of contact and working with candidates. She has a gentle way with her words, and is a great team player. I feel incredibly lucky to have her on my team and working for us on the recruiting team. She needs recognition when there are no DVM's out there, then when there is a glut of new grads, because that is when she is working the hardest to help us find the elusive veterinarian. Thanks, Katie for being part of our team, we would not have the teams we do without you!"

Jennifer Perry from RAE-ZOR GBD, Sanford, NC, wants to recognize Brieanna Starr: "Brieanna Starr has been a part of RAE-ZOR GBD from the beginning. She came to us as a volunteer in 2008 and was hired on shortly after. She is a very dedicated, patient and caring worker that always focuses on the guest needs first. She brings a special joy to all of her coworkers and daycare pups alike. Brie, Thanks for making work wonderful!!!"

Diane Riley from New Baltimore Animal Hospital, West Coxsackie, NY, wants to recognize Selina Newkirk, LVT (Lead Tech): "As we all know this has been a trying year for all of us. Selina has been steady through it all. Many months being the only technician and ours is a five-doctor practice she has kept it together. She also is a mother of a 7-year-old and a 2-year-old and with all that Covid brought to day care, school closings, she still came into work every day with a smile and we can do this attitude. Our practice is forever blessed that she is a major part of our team!"

Candice Atkinson from Royston Animal Hospital, Royston, GA, wants to recognize Rachael Callaghan: "Rachael has taken on the lead role in our Front Office and is doing a WONDERFUL JOB!!!" Sue Susewitz from Willowood Acres Veterinary Clinic, Romulus, MI, wants to recognize The BEST veterinary team EVER!: "I am so proud of my team -- managers, doctors, technicians, receptionists, and kennel assistants -- all of them for the way they work together, have each others' backs, bring their creative solutions and ideas in, and the way they are able to adapt to our daily changing needs. Rock on Team Willowood!"

Joyce Boston from Countryside Pet Hospital, Conover, NC, wants to recognize Hunter Jones and Zoie Henry, veterinary assistants and RVT students: "Although they are two of our youngest and newest staff members, Hunter and Zoie are exceptional team members! They eagerly take on new challenges and learn quickly. They are kind and patient with clients, and their smiles keep the rest of us smiling back. I appreciate the hard work both of them put in each and every day, and look forward to seeing them succeed as they finish their veterinary technology programs and become RVTs."

Nicole Curler from Ark Veterinary Hospital, Shelburne, VT, wants to recognize Abby Buckman, Tara Smith, Mikey Levitt, Schnell Williams, Erin More Kristen Bell one, Kristin Ward: "My team has taken on a pandemic and a growing business with smiles, laughs and hard work. I'm so thankful for them."

Amy Miller from the OPS team wants to recognize Victoria Brown, Karen Laurinas, Jim Agan, Sean Sorsin, Stephanie Ragsdale: "I am lucky to get work to work with such a great team of Leaders! The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is a TEAM"

Amber Hansen from the HQ team wants to recognize The VetCor Family: "Thankful Thursdays are always so difficult for me. I interact with so many of our practice team members, and fellow HQ colleagues on a daily basis and am thankful for each and every one of them. They are all passionate about their work, are incredibly dedicated, and willing to lend a hand when I need them the most. I appreciate you!"

Amanda Marchesseault from Elk Creek Animal Hospital, Mt. Washington, KY, wants to recognize Ashley Rogers: "Ashley is a rock star! She's so dependable, even while her and her husband meet the challenges of raising a young family! She brings so much knowledge and kindness to our practice and we can't thank her enough for that! I'm especially thankful for her consistency with our bloodwork machine maintenance, and we can always count on Ashley when it comes to sending out special diagnostics to an outside source/lab preferred by our doctors! She's one of the sweetest around, thank you Ashley!"

Chad Harris from the Vet Leader Team wants to recognize Stephanie Ragsdale from the OPS team "Steph, I enjoy working with you and am thankful for the many belly laughs we share. Plus, Norman is pretty cool."

Jess Safani-Franko from Agoura Animal Clinic, Agoura Hills, CA, wants to recognize Head RVT Avery Jemine: "Avery takes his leadership role very seriously, and I'm so glad he's someone on whom I can depend and rely! He is efficient and has a great sense of humor. He's our clinic prankster, as well as the inventory manager and head technician. I appreciate him so much!"

Katie Sayer from Merrifield AH, Fairfax, VA, wants to recognize Emily McClellan: "Thank you Emily for your awesome HM training!!"

Keri Garland from Animal Hospital of Gordon County, Calhoun, GA, wants to recognize Candis Hambrick: "Candis is always on time and is very reliable. She goes above and beyond to help when needed. She has learned the role of receptionist very well and treats everyone with compassion. She gets a little stressed sometimes with the phone ringing a lot but always manages to make jokes and stay positive. She is a joy to work with and for that I am thankful."

Allison Jackson from Littleton Animal Hospital, Littleton, MA, wants to recognize My entire team: "The entire team has overcome hurdle after hurdle during the last 18 months and continued to provide excellent care for all our patients and clients. Their sense of humor, impromptu dance parties and frequent Dunks runs has kept them going. I couldn’t be prouder of them! Thank you all for your dedication and hard work! You guys are the BEST!"

Cesar Molina from the OPS team wants to recognize Samantha: "Samantha has always been a natural born leader, she is growing with us as a company and is a pleasure to work with. She has undergone a lot of pressure and still maintains good moral! A true leader and easy to communicate with very lucky to help her grow."

Amy Klotz from Douds Veterinary Hospital, Oberlin, OH, wants to recognize Riley Bland- Kennel Attendant: "Due to Covid, our boarding facility was pretty quiet for most of the year and we had some staff turnover in that department. Riley joined the team at the end of March of this year and has become an amazing part of the team. We have since hired several more kennel attendants as our boarding facility has been quite full recently and Riley has done an amazing job with getting them acclimated and trained. She takes initiative to take on other small projects to help improve life here at the hospital and is open to taking on new responsibilities."

Nikki Frank from Cresskill Animal Hospital, Cresskill, NJ, wants to recognize Nia Barns Clark: "She is always willing to help, she works as an assistant manager in my absence. she is a Team player in every way. Gets in early stays late. all around Awesome employee "

Rhonda Juftes-Funk from Pet's Best Friend, Levittown, PA, wants to recognize Jennifer Monteleone, Lead CCS: "Jennifer has an upbeat and positive attitude with her peers as well as our clients. She shows a practical approach to problem-solving and is always there to help anyone. During all the stress and challenges that our hospital has been through in the last year, she remains steadfast, always representing our hospital in an exemplary manner. I am Thankful not only on Thursday, but every day of the week that I work with Jennifer!”

Kathy Currlin from Atrium Animal Hospital, Charlotte, NC, wants to recognize Cindee Rice: "Cindee has been a kennel staff member at Atrium Animal Hospital for 16 years! She remembers the busy pre-covid boarding days when we had 50 plus boarders, especially over the Thanksgiving and Winter Holidays. Over the past 3 weeks, we have seen our post-covid numbers begin to climb! Cindee is reliable, attentive, and loving to all the animals and exotics. She covered the busy Memorial Day weekend solo! She stays focused and steady. The years of experience she brings to her job every day is amazing. We all feel confident and secure in her excellent care of our furry guests! Thank you, Cindee from The Atrium Family! Looking forward to another 16 years! :)"

Dava Hunt from Cozy Cat Veterinary Hospital, Raleigh, NC, wants to recognize Cassie Lilley: "We want to Welcome Cassie to the practice. She is a first-year vet student working for the summer. She is a great assist to the practice and is eager to learn. We are lucky to have her."

Melissa Strycker-Grzeskowiak from Western Vet Clinic, South Bend, IN, wants to recognize Valery Bagarus: "She is truly a "jack of all trades" and helps in all areas of the clinic. She is the first to drop whatever she is doing to help others. She is the most self-less person I have met. She has been dealing with a lot of devastating family issues and yet she always has concern for her job and how we will manage with her out at times. Yet she is the first to jump in to help with others call off."

Sherry Thompson from County Line Animal Hospital, Ontario, NY, wants to recognize Kim DiNapoli Client Care Specialist: "Kim arrives for work every day with a smile and a cheerfulness that is contagious. She is super nice to her co-workers, and doesn't complain - even when it gets a little crazy here. It is very uplifting to work with Kim. She epitomizes what a client care specialist should strive to be."

Sue Fallon CVT (hospital manager) from Pleasant Valley Animal Hospital, Quakertown, PA, wants to recognize Dr. Nicole Uranko, Dr. Patricia McMahon, Dr. Kimberly Kline and PVAH Support Staff Team: "The entire PVAH support team would like to acknowledge the dedication and guidance we experience daily while working alongside our doctor team: Dr Nicole Uranko, Dr Trish McMahon (Pogash) and Dr Kim Kline. The veterinary profession has experienced increased stress and heartache through this pandemic, and it is not lost on us what we are blessed to be a witness to daily, working side by side with these brilliant and supportive doctors! Each one has helped us to personally challenge ourselves while remaining our safety net, grow as individuals yet learn to be a supportive team. Dr Nicole, Dr Trish, and Dr Kim lead by example, put their patients first, uphold medical excellence and inspire us daily (sometimes hourly)!!! We would be lost without these amazing women: We are Thankful!!!!! I would personally also like to recognize the PVAH support staff team: This team daily somehow manages unending calls because we know are clients need us and re-arrange our availabilities because we do not have enough time in the day to then fit them in. They then push themselves to maintain the medical excellence standard we hold for ourselves and that our patients deserve. Our PVAH support family has countlessly picked each other up (and me) emotionally, mentally and many times even physically! Each one truly makes our hospital what it is, and I am so grateful and proud to be with this team! I am Thankful!!"

Heather Rodgers from Advantage Veterinary Center, High Ridge, MO, wants to recognize Dr. Jennifer Haug & Dr. Heather Schatz: "Dr. Haug & Dr. Schatz are the prime example of a loving & caring veterinarian. They both are working extra hours and during their lunch to accommodate as many patients as possible. There compassion and knowledge does not go unnoticed from the staff and clients."

Sean Sornsin from the OPS team wants to recognize Hospital Manager, Elita Emerson McClain: "Elita has done an outstanding job leading her team through the tumult and chaos of Covid and all the other 'changes' that have occurred. She does it with all with grace and humility and it's very evident how much she cares for her team as people as much as employees. Cleary Elita is one of VetCor's best HMs in the manner she leads her practice and her people. "

Margie Giles from Sanford Animal Hospital, Sanford, NC, wants to recognize Morgan Asbill, RVT (Lead Tech): "We would love to thank our head technician Morgan Asbill! Morgan is not only our lead technician but she is also the head of our surgery. Morgan is an exceptional anesthesia tech with capabilities of managing balanced anesthesia for routine procedures and critical surgeries. She can adapt to perform any technical duty in the hospital. On top of her day-to-day duties, she also manages the entire technical staff, surgical schedule and client communications and discharge instructions for our surgical patients. Morgan is a true blessing to have on our team and we could not function without her. Thank you, Morgan for all of your exceptional work!"

She also wants s to recognize Sue-Anne Gentry: "On a personal level, Sue is such a wonderful person and so dedicated to her job. As our RM, we couldn't ask for anyone any better. She has been such a great source of support and guidance. She is always there when you need her, no matter what she has going on. This past year especially, Sue has been such a pillar of strength and it is very inspiring. We are very lucky to have her as our RM!"

Meg Connelly from Willard Veterinary Clinic, Quincy, MA, wants to recognize Pam Daly: "Pam wears so many hats, organizing between vets and tech, manages reception, helps organize all our phone calls, techs and emails. Fills in when someone is sick and will jump in and hold an animal if needed. She is superwoman."

Marilyn Lear from Beach Park Animal Hospital, Beach Park, IL, wants to recognize Alicia Ramos: "Always there and willing to help"

Ali Laing from Hillcrest Animal Hospital, Richmond Heights, OH, wants to recognize Corinne Reynolds: "Corinne joined our team in February as an assistant. Seeing the potential in her she is now training to be a receptionist and scribing for our doctors. She doesn't turn away from a challenge and she is such a valuable member of our team! I am so proud of her for taking on so many new roles and tackling them with ease. She is a true rock star!"

Lynsey Mohr from Rehoboth Beach Animal Hospital, Rehoboth Beach, DE, wants to recognize Dawn Conklin: "Just wanted to shout out Dawn! She is super awesome and is very helpful/knowledgeable with all of our IT issues/questions! She goes the extra mile when explaining things and will take her time, thanks Dawn you are a rockstar!"

Dr. Tamara Sloan, COS of Cat Care of Rochester, MI, also wants to recognize Dawn Conklin: "I'm thankful for the awesomeness that is Dawn in IT. She is always so helpful, patient, competent, and efficient. She's the best!"