Thankful Thursday: Spreading the Love

Thankful Thursday: Spreading the Love
February 18, 2021

We asked our practice teams to shout out an amazing coworker, employee, or work friend as part of our new Thankful Thursday segment and the praise just keeps rolling in.

Enjoy February's VetCor family shout outs below:

Alannah Labesky, Sr. HM, wants to recognize the entire staff at TBVH: "They have gone above and beyond with all of the ever-changing COVID protocols and have kept positive attitudes throughout it all. We have such a strong and fun team and Dr. Smith and I are happy to work with them!"

Sean Sornsin from VetCor HQ, wants to recognize Kellie Connors, Payroll and Benefits Associate: "Kellie has been an amazing addition to the payroll and benefits team. Her super detailed and fast responses to the leaders at the local level have been excellent and much appreciated by the HMs and the operations team. Very friendly approach and willingness to help in anyway the teams need assistance is superb. So glad Kerry B and Mark have such an amazing new person to help their very important team at the home office! A good team got even stronger!!"

Ashley Willis from Basin Run Animal Hospital, Colora, MD, wants to recognize Kerry Duvall, client care specialist: "Kerry is my right hand, she is a jack of all trades and can work in any area of the practice- CCS, tech or covering for me in the office. She always works with integrity and has a positive attitude. She is passionate about her position and always advocates for our clients and patients. Recently we had a meeting to discuss our hospital culture and what we would like 2021 to look like at our practice. We asked all staff to come with ideas and suggestions. Kerry came with a speech - it was well though out, respectful and really showed how much thought and effort she puts into her position here. I truly could not do my job without her and appreciate her dedication, passion, thoughtfulness and positivity!"

Tonya Larson from Animal House Veterinary Hospital, St. Charles, IL, wants to recognize Princess Roman, veterinary assistant: "Princess does not have a car and usually pays for an Uber to get to work and home. Last week, we had a snow storm come through and no Ubers were available. Princess walked over an hour in several inches of snow to work in tennis shoes that morning and made it on time. Of course, we were upset with her for not asking for help but we also were amazed at her work ethic and believe she should be recognized."

Amber Hansen of the VetCor HQ, wants to recognize Dr. Chad Harris, of the Vet Leadership Team: "Chad is a rockstar! He is always willing to help demo any new equipment, or give insight or advice on virtually anything. Thanks Chad for helping make my life a little easier!"

Rachel Poth, Regional Manager, wants to recognize Dr. Lara Baxter, from Tender Touch Veterinary Hospital, Scarborough, ME: "After graduating in the midst of the pandemic, Dr. Baxter joined this hospital only to unexpectedly be left as the solo vet less than three months in! She has been such a rockstar, holding down the whole practice without a hands on mentor and still practicing the best medicine. Without her dedication we would not have come so far as a new team. I am proud to work with Dr. Baxter every day!"

Cesar Molina from California, Woodland Hills, CA, wants to recognize Justine Wood-Graves: "Thankful for stepping up in a management role when we need it. Doing a great job in a new role and excited to see her grow."

Carina Chalfant from Fisherville Animal Hospital, Concord, NH, wants to recognize her entire team: "They have each played a role in our success. Everyone has come together and worked hard this past year during trying times. We have a great fun hard working group. Everyone's smiling happy face and willingness to help where it’s needed with no questions asked. We are truly what I would call a Team of greatness!"

Dava Hunt from Cozy Cat Veterinary Hospital, Raleigh, NC, wants to recognize Dr. Kelly Neri, Katie Boone, Shelly Sincoskie, and Dakota Cabe: "They have all gone above and beyond. We have had a person test positive for covid and have others out under quarantine, so very short staffed. They have all stepped up and have worked long hours, helping our clients and their pets without complaint. They all have worked extra shifts, worked thru lunch and all the while trying to have a normal life outside the hospital."

Alyson Evans from Briargate Boulevard Animal Hospital, Colorado Springs, CO, wants to recognize her entire team: "Our awesome team handled changing times with COVID-19 amazingly. Even when we had to shut down due to numerous staff with COVID, we pulled through and came back stronger and more united. I have the privilege of working with the most amazing veterinary team I could ask for."

Krista Iacono wants to recognize pet care attendant, Brittney Murray from Pet Shield Veterinary Hospital, North Branford, CT:: "Brittney is a valuable team member. She is willing to learn new skills and tackles them efficiently and timely. Thanks Brittney, so much. You have made my job easier because of the projects you have taken on."

Krista Iacono also wants to recognize Jen O'Conner, CVT from West Shore Animal Clinic, Warwick, RI: "As senior technician at West Shore, Jen is incredibly talented and I value her skills. She loves to learn and teach, which has helped greatly with our recent new hires!"

And finally, Krista Iacono wants to recognize Dr. Anna Portnoy, Chief of Staff from Riverside Animal Hospital, Riverside, RI: "Thank you for working together as a management team with me. We are a united front. I know I am your work wife and that's just fine with me!"

Wanda Denslow from Ocoee Animal Hospital, Blue Ridge, GA, wants to recognize Rayasha Cheek, receptionist supervisor: "Rayasha is my right-hand person who always goes the extra mile without having to be asked. She takes on tasks that most people think are insignificant but it ends up being a huge help and makes life easier for those around her. She comes in early, stays late, and pushes herself to be the best she can be, EVERY DAY, (even on her tough days)! Without Rayasha, my job would be a bit harder to manage. She puts a smile on my face :-)"

Heather Walker from Edwardsville Pet Hospital, Edwardsville, IL, wants to recognize Grace Kinsey: "Grace has been with us since July and she is such a great addition to our team. She is always eager to learn and she has such a great attitude. She is a joy to be around everyday and she brings a lot of laughter to our crazy days."

Sarah Boudreau from Northwood Oaks Veterinary Hospital, Gainesville, FL, wants to recognize Dr. Jennifer Wallace, Chief of Staff: "For all of the hard work and dedication she shows to the practice. She is the backbone of this place!"

Amy Klotz from Douds Veterinary Hospital, Oberlin, OH, wants to recognize Becca Buswell, kennel attendant: "Becca has really stepped up over the past year, taking on new responsibilities and helping in our grooming department as a bather. She is always willing to jump in when and where needed to to help cover co-worker's shifts when they have needed to be out. She has a positive, can do attitude and we are grateful to have her on our team!"

Amy Miller, Senior RM, wants to recognize Jamie Gonzalez from St. Francis Animal Hospital, North Huntingdon, PA: "Jamie just recently passed her CVPM exam! We are very proud of her hard work and accomplishments!"

L. Taylor McKinney from Elk Creek Animal Hospital, Fisherville, KY, wants to recognize Stephanie Noblett, receptionist: "Stephanie goes above and beyond. She is always willing to help at one of our other hospitals, train new hires, and never afraid to take on any task. I value her so much not only as an employee, but as a friend. She is always a positive role model in the clinic and makes work life so fun!"

Mac McAnally from Hudson Animal Hospital, Hudson, MA, wants to recognize the whole team: "We had our fire alarm go off last week. Our crew handled it flawlessly. Everyone gathered all the patients and evacuated, met at the designated spot and waited for the firemen to clear the building. Well done team!"

Sue Brandes from Floyd Harbor Animal Hospital, Shirley, NY, wants to recognize Nicole Socko: "Nicole came to us as a new Vet Student (referred by one of her past teachers, who is one of our per diem LVTs) to work as an Vet Assistant. Nicole's' school the University of Delaware was only having zoom classes, it is hard to experience college this way. Nicole recently got the OK from the University of Delaware to resume in-person classes. While we are very excited for Nicole she will be missed, she fit right in. Nicole has a bright future ahead of her. Nicole is a hard worker, willing to learn and has a great sense of humor. We wish Nicole the BEST at college and we hope to see her during her college breaks."

Megan Barnhizer from Animal Hospital Inc., Willoughby Hills, OH, wants to recognize Jennifer Tulleners, RVT: "Jennifer has been going above and beyond every day at work. She is a highly skilled RVT, helps guide the treatment team, works efficiently, starting answering phones when we started rolling them to the treatment area, never complains. Such an AMAZING team player! She is the ultimate at patient care and helps to ease clients during this continued curbside world. Thank you so much Jen T!!!"

Sue-Anne Gentry, Regional Manager wants to recognize Jillian Craig, regional manager: "Jill is an RM that I was able to work with on a team. She is so dedicated and passionate about her clinics, the staff and VetCor. But selfishly for me, she is so giving of her time and knowledge. Jill has helped me so much in the time I have worked with her, at work and personally. She never sounds like she is tired of being asked the same question for the millionth time, and she is gracious enough to ask me questions that I can answer for her, making me feel like I am growing in knowledge and comfort in this team. I am a Brit, so I don't hug, but I sent Jill a virtual hug today, that is how awesome she is!"

Sue-Anne Gentry also wants to recognize LeAnne Charles from Mars Hill Animal Hospital, Bogart, GA,: "LeAnne is a Southern sweetheart! Her team love her, and she has grown into an amazing VetCor HM over the last 2 years or so. Don't be fooled by how sweet she is, she will hold you accountable and when she does it makes me laugh out loud at how surprised everyone is. LeAnne makes it so that I want to sneak to GA and just pay them a visit - for no good reason but to be at the clinic and soak up their warm southern welcome and love for each other."

Jeff Lanz from Turkeyfoot Family Pet Center, Akron, OH, wants to recognize Devinne Shockey, co-hospital manager: "Handling challenging clients and situations with a positive outlook"

Chrissy Brown, CVPM, from Animal Hospital Inc., Willoughby Hills, OH, wants to recognize Jennifer Tulleners, RVT: "Jennifer is the employee who will jump into any role to help. We have been short staffed and experiencing the many struggles that most other clinics are in regards to COVID. I know I can always count on Jen, she is an amazing tech and leader, and has no problem switching rolls at the drop of a hat. From picking up the ringing phone, to taking a boarding shift, to staying after hours for deep cleanings, you name it she will offer to do it. Jen is the perfect definition of TEAM PLAYER, and I do not tell her nearly enough how much I appreciate her.... Thank you Jennifer! "

Cindy Fitchett from Hartfield Animal Hospital, Hartfield, VA, wants to recognize the entire staff: "I want to thank our work family for standing strong for each other in this chaotic time in our lives. This past year has had so many challenges that none of us have ever experienced before and I am so proud of our doctors and staff for keeping us afloat when we have felt daily that we were going to drown. The staff has had to disappoint clients by postponing appointments, remain vigilant at keeping clients out of the building, deal with angry clients, answer endless ringing phones, work outside in all conditions, arrive early and stay late, shorten their lunches, wait in line to ask the doctors the inevitable question, "Where do I put this client?", sanitize, mask up and take your temp daily, and wonder are we ever going to survive Covid?, all while not feeling very appreciated. I am so grateful for EVERYONE who has kept us going and prospering amidst the craziness! I sincerely thank everyone of my group and VetCor for their outstanding service and hard work. Without you ALL none of this would have been possible. We will survive and come out stronger than ever!! You ALL are greatly appreciated and loved!"

Dr. Ariane Goerlich from Main Street Veterinary Hospital, Millis, MA, wants to recognize Nicole Desrosier and Taylor Grootveld: "These two amazing VetCor Team members from two other hospitals took on a huge extra work load when I encountered the most difficult situation a vet/new COS is likely to encounter and did it with simes and positive energy. I am extremely grateful for their hard work, enthusiasm and for going above and beyond!"

Angelyn Snyder from Crossroads Animal Hospital, Bastrop, TX, wants to recognize Dr. Joey Halley: "Dr. Halley has stuck with us through the thick and thin. I appreciate all his hard work."

Christie Bond from Briargate Boulevard Animal Hospital, Colorado Springs, CO, wants to recognize Alyson Evans, hospital manager: "Aly recently stepped up to the role of Hospital Manager and is killing it! She is the keystone of our hospital team and culture and exemplifies our core values of Choose Happy, Own It and Care. Despite the increased responsibility and learning curve of her new role, she is always ready to jump in wherever she's needed with a smile and a great sense of humor - thank you for being you!"

Amanda Marchesseault from Elk Creek Animal Hospital Bullitt County, Mt. Washington, KY, wants to recognize Taylor Jones, receptionist: "Taylor is such a kind person! She’s dependable, eager to learn new things, and never afraid to offer help in all areas of the hospital. She’s soft spoken at times which makes those louder moments in conversation so much fun! Thank you for your endurance amongst the business of the 2020-21 curbside receptionist environment!"

Dr. Sara Mey from Golf-Mil Veterinary Hospital, Niles, IL, wants to recognize Dr. Andrea Baley: "Thank you Dr. Baley for always being so friendly, helpful and reliable. You make our practice a great place to work. Your clients and patients think the world of you and so do we."

Heidi Milano from Raritan Animal Hospital. Piscataway, Oak Tree, and Hopelawn Animal Clinics, Edison, NJ, wants to recognize all of her staff members: "I want to sincerely thank my staff for getting through the toughest year in our lives. Everything around us was unsure and scary but, when we came to work, we were together. We were an island. Us against the world. And together we created a safe work plan. A plan that many contributed towards. A plan that changed and morphed as we all worked shoulder to shoulder every day last year and into this year. I wouldn't go into battle with any other group of people. Here's to a brighter and better year with my awesome crew."

Kathy Currlin from Atrium Animal Hospital, Charlotte, NC, wants to recognize Jenna Glover, veterinary assistant: "Jenna is an amazing vet assistant! She "does it all!" In addition to handling her position as a treatment vet assistant and doctor assistant, she always finds time to her eye on the clinic. One of our exam rooms, affectionately known as Room 4, is the doctors and Chief of staff favorite room for our acupuncture sessions. Jenna noticed the room looking shabby and dark after we took down pictures that were cluttering the room and blocking the "good vibe energy" needed there. She went to the paint store and chose a soothing, calm green which our COS loved. She painted the room over a few evenings and a weekend. She patched all the holes in the walls, minimized the clutter and created a room that is now very spa like. Jenna did all this alone, never asking for assistance. We love the new look of Room 4 and it calms us all just to walk in there and breathe on a crazy day! Thank you Jenna from Team Atrium!!"

Kurt Rossebo from Kaukauna Veterinary Clinic, Kaukauna, WI, wants to recognize Jennifer Meulemans: "Jenny has worked at our clinic for almost 24 years, and continues to be a great ambassador to our clients, as well as co-workers. She is always upbeat, can remember almost every client, and knows just about everything you ask her. Life at our clinic is better with Jenny around!"

Rebecca Prada from Animal Medical Centre of Medina, Medina, OH, wants to recognize the entire team: "I want to thank my AMC of Medina work family for all their hard work and positive attitudes during this pandemic. We keep striving to offer the best care and help our clients and patients in spite of curbside and COVID. Proud of each one of you and thankful for the support and energy you each bring to the practice. May we keep helping one another and finding that ray of sun in each day! "

Dr. Chad Harris, Vet Leader wants to recognize Katie Hanson, recruiter: "Katie is such a hard worker and is such an amazing recruiter. She goes above and beyond helping me find great people to add to our team. You da bomb, Katie!!!"

Cindy Wyma from Two Notch Road Animal Clinic, Columbia, SC, wants to recognize Brian Kuhn: "Brian is our Kennel Lead and he is such an amazing employee! He always does what is needed for our boarders to make their stay here enjoyable. He is always helping our technicians when they need it and he has recently crossed trained to reception. helping them out as well. He is an all around great guy and such a joy to have as an employee!"

Julie Kopser from Countryside Veterinary Hospital, Chelmsford, MA, wants to recognize Scott Mabon, veterinary technician: "In addition to being a fantastic surgery technician, Scott can fix just about anything here. Last week our oxygen generator lost pressure (we use oxygen tanks only for backup) during our surgery shift. As I was wondering how long it would take to get someone to our hospital to trouble shoot and fix the unit, another colleague stepped in to cover Scott's patient and he was able to figure out that it was a fuse and replaced it within minutes! During the snow storm, our snow blower broke and... you guessed it, Scott fixed it after his surgery shift and it's been fine ever since. When Scott can't fix something, he's usually got a pretty good idea of what needs to be done. We are so grateful that he shares these skills with us in addition to being a stellar tech! "

Barbara McCullough from Russell Veterinary Hospital, Russell, PA, wants to recognize Kathy Smeal, receptionist: "Kathy just recently started working with us. She is a shining star! Although she has no formal veterinary experience, she has been a client forever and finally got the opportunity to join our team. She is always happy, very eager to get the job done, and is way ahead in her training than past employees were at this stage of the game. She is a real go getter and is always seeking more knowledge to help her in her position. The clients and staff all love her. She recommends products to the clients and gets them on board to provide better health care for their pets. We couldn't be happier that her circumstances changed so she could join our team. She steps up to help without being asked. She volunteers to work extra if someone is sick. You couldn't ask for a better employee. We need to clone her!!"

Margie Giles from Sanford Animal Hospital, Sanford, NC, wants to recognize the entire team: "I just want to recognize the whole SAH team! We are a very busy walk-in practice and our entire team has really stepped up during these difficult times. This past year has been a struggle for everyone and our team has really come together and made it manageable. Each and every one of them is a shining star! I'm very thankful for all of them!"